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Thoughts on seeing Serenity: no spoilers, you whining bitches.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Thoughts on seeing Serenity: no spoilers, you whining bitches.

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1: The woman who plays Zoe is really really small in person.

2: The movie has a lot of postproduction work needed.

3: This is a damn fine flick.

And I'm spent. G'night.
  • George Lucas would be lucky if Star Wars III is half as good!

    Well I suppose we woudl be lucky then too!
  • You are a rat bastard. But thanks for not spoiling.

    I figured that she would be big. She seems imposing on the screen.
    • Yeah. I'm suspecting Nate Fillon (Malcolm) must be like a midget.

      Which is perfectly fine in my book.
  • Gah...just want to know about Book....

    No offense, but I'm totally hating you right now. And September or whenever can't come fast enough.

    Zoe's actor is tiny? Weeeeird. :)
    • well, perhaps she's not terribly short (I didn't get to stand next to her or anything), but she looks like she would weigh all of 90 pounds if she's soaking wet. And the guy who played Wash looked quite small too.
  • Hehehe.

    I'm the only one on your flist who honestly does not care about Serenity. Still, glad you got to see it.
    • YOU! should fix that.

      If you didn't get to see it at all on TV, I'd honestly suggest renting it. It's... western-gothic science fiction.
      • Re: YOU! should fix that.

        I know. I just never really got into it. The writing was brilliant. The acting was good, despite it being on Fox. It just never clicked my interest buttons.
        • Re: YOU! should fix that.

          Aaah, I misinterpreted.
          If you went there and didn't much care for it, then that's perfectly reasonable. Not all entertainment is for all people, after all.
          • Re: YOU! should fix that.

            I'm actually sort of wistful about that. I'm always ranting about how I'd like an original well written scifi piece, and when it does...meh. It can't catch my attention. The fanbase looks like such fun, but, again: meh.
  • I'm a recent convert and extremely jealous. *waits*
  • What do you mean, "No spoilers"?!? Because of you, I now know that there's a character named Zoe in the movie! I didn't know that before! And that she's played by a woman, not a man! OMFG, how could you? Any surprise I might have been waiting for is now completely destroyed.
    </sarcastic harassment>

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Pst. Drop me a mail at my caustic address. I need a bit of RL info.
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