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The Horror of Paint

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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The Horror of Paint

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keyangst (photo by Bruce Sterling)
So today, 48 hours after someone came in and left every door open in the apartment so I got to sleep with paint fumes (and 48 hours since anyone has set foot in the apartment to apply paint to constructed surface), I called the landlady.

She was completely unaware that a window got broken.
She was completely unaware that the painter's stuff had been sitting all over the room for 48 hours.
She was completely unaware of any ETD for their stuff- that is, she had no idea when they might pack up their shit and get out of my hair. 'Oh, they called yesterday and I missed their call...'

She didn't particularly seem to even care about any of this.

I'm debating asking how much I should knock off my rent for the simple fact that gosh- I:
-have waited since Apr. 15 for the painting to be done so I could put furniture in that room
-received no notification of the fact that painting would commence at a specific point in time other than 'they'll come in later'
-have gotten a paint schema that is completely other than A) what I asked for (which isn't going to matter for shit, I'm sure) and B) what she specified
  • Your landlady sounds a bit like a jerk.
  • (no subject) -
    • I read that at first as "I believe yours is the STFU", and I thought, 'I dunno, they don't sound like they'd be very helpful'.
    • I've considered- they don't give any advice without a membership, though. I've dealt with them before while very broke. ;)
      • You could email or phone darthmike; he knows the tenant law stuff pretty well. He is the miracle worker who finally goet the Freeport ceiling fixed (well, a change of management helped too).

        If she doesn't do something pronto, tell her you're going to hire someone to fix the paint job and window and you'll just take that off your rent. She probably won't let you do that or may have the sense to set a monetary limit, but it is at least a good threat to make her haul ass. Also, demand $200 for your your inconvenience. Again, you may get $100, but it's a good bargaining start.

        Sadly, a broken window is probably not enough to get a housing inspector in.
        • I left her voicemail letting her know that I'm going to pack up the dropcloth and painting supplies and put them in the kitchen, should I not hear back within the next 24 hours.
          And that I'd also really appreciate finding out about that window replacement going on sometime soon. I'm less worried about this since I got onto the fire escape and taped the window up from the outside as well as the inside, but...
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