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British Sea Power tomorrow night @ the independent (in SF)

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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British Sea Power tomorrow night @ the independent (in SF)

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fog and bridge
Sat 30 April San Francisco CA The Independent

This is a band you need to hear- go to their website to do so (and one can use a faked email address to register for the fanclub- they don't require that you respond to the email before you can access the audio/video).

I'm going by the venue tonight, to see if they sell tix at the door in advance. If not, I'll be hitting ticketmonster or some such to buy tix for willcall.

I'm getting two. Who wants to use the other one?
  • british sea power is awesome! i cannot wait to see them at coachella.
  • autolux is good, too.
  • I already got tix for tomorrow night. See you there!
    • If you'd like, I have an empty space in the garage that you and the spouse might use- it's about 6 blocks from the gig. ;)
      • Fantastic, thanks a lot! What time would you like us to show up and park?

        And is there anywhere we can get something vaguely dinnerish within those 6 blocks?
        • any time after 5ish? and no, not really- there's a couple places where one could acquire food but there's nothing I'd really recommend. We could go down to Herbivore, the vegetarian restaurant that's actually worth visiting for the food rather than for the vegetarianism...

          I can't find your cel #s or your email, so I can't call you on this. Pfui.
  • We're booked already; Kai's brother is in town for a birthday visit, or I'd be tempted. I haven't found a new band or seen one live in... let's not count the years.

    Have a great time!
  • they sell tickets pre-show. the box office is open from 11am-6pm (9pm show nights). i think i might be able to scrape together enough quarters to cover a ticket. the problem is i am working with john adams tomorrow, and i am unsure when i'll be done. i'll find out . . .
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