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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Things I no longer have time for

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Things I no longer have time for

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keyangst (photo by Bruce Sterling)
* other people's issues which completely ignore my own
* trying to 'fix' things I didn't break
* craziness
* backstabbing masquerading as concern for me

If something which you are handing me in any way resembles any of these items, please do not be surprised if I get up and walk away.
  • and you had time for all that before?
  • really, i was just pointing that thing out because you enjoy precise use of the language as much as i do.

    as for everybody else and how they relate to you: everyone has their limits, and sometimes it's good to get opportunities to point out to other people just where those limits are.
  • So, whatcha gonna do with all the spare time you're making for yourself?
  • Are you sure you wanna get cats? Because this sounds like cats. ;P
    • Hey now. Cats don't bother to show concern for you unless they mean it.

      Plus, they're cute when they act nuts.
      • yeah, or they show concern for you when you have cat treats handy.
        Which is why I love them. I think manipulation is cute (see problem with men). I know deep down they love me but they keep me on my toes by acting like they only want the food. Smeeshies!
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