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Favorite music meme

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Favorite music meme

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filthy monkeys.
(halfinched from nihilistic_kid)

1. Favorite Beatles song: "Glass Onion"? "Norwegian Wood"? One of the two.

2. Favorite Rolling Stones song: "Ruby Tuesday"

3. Favorite Doors song: "Soul Kitchen"

4. Favorite Bob Dylan song: "Stuck Outside of Memphis"

5. Favorite Pixies song: The one that Frank Black isn't singing. ANY ONE that Frank Black isn't singing.

6. TV Theme Song: "The Streets of San Francisco"

7. Favorite Prince Song: "Kiss"

8. Favorite Madonna Song: "Spank Me"

9. Favorite Michael Jackson Song: "Smooth Criminal"

10. Favorite Metallica Song: "Sad But True"

11. Favorite Motorhead Song: N/A

12. Favorite Ozzy Song: "Mr. Crowley"

13. Favorite Public Enemy Song: N/A

14. Favorite Song from a cartoon: The Spider-Man theme (Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Does whatever a spider can...)

15. Favorite Faith No More song: "We Care A Lot"

16. Favorite Depeche Mode song: "Pretty Boy"

17. Favorite Cure song: "The Head On The Door"

18. Favorite song that most of your friends haven't heard: "The Fortune II", Chris Connelly

19. Favorite Smiths song: "Rubber Ring" or "Sweet & Tender Hooligan"

20. Favorite Beastie Boys song: "Cookiepuss"

21. Favorite Korn song: N/A

22. Favorite Police song: "Spirits In the Material World"

23. Favorite Sex Pistols song: "God Save the Queen"

24. Favorite Beach Boys song: "Surfer Girl"

25. Favorite Def Leppard song: "Photograph" (I had to pick something off the album Thomas Dolby did keyboards on)

26. Favorite song from your favorite movie: Michael Kayman's beautiful score to "Brazil": specifically the scene where the renegade heating engineers come in to rescue Sam.

27. Favorite Duran Duran song: "New Moon on Monday"

28. Favorite Blondie song: "Dreaming"

29. Favorite Garth Brooks song: The one that turns up between every one with guitars on any album of his

30. Favorite song from an 80's one hit wonder: Killer Pussy, "Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage"

31. Favorite song from a videogame: "New Angels of Promise" (the remix in Omicron: the Nomad Soul, by David Bowie

32. Favorite Kinks song: "Waterloo Sunset"- though my favorite Ray-Davies-penned song is 'Quiet Life', from the Absolute Beginners soundtrack.

33. Genesis song: "Solsbury Hill". No, wait, that's wrong. Uhm, probably "That's All"

34. Favorite Led Zeppelin song: "Night Flight"

35. Favorite INXS song: "Original Sin"

36. Favorite Weird Al song: "Angry White Boy Polka"

37. Favorite Pulp song: "Bad Cover Version" (because the title just makes me cackle)

38. Favorite John Lennon song: This is probably where "Glass Onion" really belongs. However, "Working Class Hero" is probably my favorite of his solo work

39. Favorite Pink Floyd song: "The Great Gig In the Sky"

40. Favorite cover song: "Jackie" (Sinead O'Connor's tune), by Placebo

41. Favorite White Stripes song: "Fell In Love With A Girl" (Another cover, this)

42. Favorite dance song: ...er, not sure.

43. Favorite U2 song: "Two Hearts (Beat As One)"

44. Favorite song from an actor turned musician: "Hero" from the Schrek 2 soundtrack, as performed by Jennifer Saunders

45. Favorite disco song: "Celebration", Cool & the Gang

46. Favorite Motley Crue song: "Girls, Girls, Girls"

47. Favorite Guns N' Roses song: "Mr. Brownstone"

48. Favorite The Who song: It used to be "Don't Get Fooled Again" until I was awoken by the following series of sounds:
Waking to the bridge of 'Don't Get Fooled Again', at something like fuckteen squintillion decibels, was enough to assure that I no longer have a favorite Who song, now.

49. Favorite Elton John song: "I'm Still Standing"

50. Favorite song, period: At the moment? "Miss Moneypenny", by Placebo
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