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This year's self-given yule present

Happy Holidays to you all.

So yesterday, I come home to a book I bought: I've coveted it for years and finally found on ebay.
This book was pressed in two editions (and ONLY two):
First, a numbered edition of 77: These 77 books are all signed by the author, as well as numbered by him. The book is bound in Japanese silk and egyptian papyrus, has some extravagant endpaper or other, and was sewn together by hand.
Second: an unnumbered edition of 1000, bound in cloth, w/ a dust jacket that looks suspiciously reminiscent of a Faber paperback's cover.
I had given up hope of ever getting it, and the thing turned up at my house last night, just in time for me to go 'rats, I can't take this on an airplane, in case it were to get damaged'. I'd given up on ever owning a copy of the second edition of this book, as it seldom turns up anywhere for under $250 (alibris has 2 copies, which claim to both be first editions and cost $250 and $450. Given that they both list a condition for the dust jacket, and the fact that the book was bound WITH NO DUST JACKET, unlike the second pressing, well...). I bought my copy of the first edition for less than that.
There're less than 76 other people who have a book just like this one (I don't know HOW MANY less- but I'm sure there's a book seller out there who owns two copies). Neat!

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