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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Improbable collaborations Deux

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Improbable collaborations Deux

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mucha mosaic
This is a game which amuses me, and it just seemed time to play again, since folks will be in and out over the holidays.
Here's how it's played: I will go first. the person who goes first will pick two authors, and the next person titles a hypothetical collaboration between these two authors.
Examples from prior games:
Kerouac + Poe = Suffering is Hip
Lovecraft + Miller = The Tropic of Azathoth
Plath + Powter = STOP THE BELL JAR!
Do read ALL the entries before you take a turn at the game, gentle reader: the bottommost entry should contain the most recent pair of authors.
To kick off, then:
I present this potential collaboration: Ernest Hemingway and Ursula K. LeGuin.
Now you, you should come up with a title for the collaboration, and then pick a pair of authors for the next player to choose.
  • The Lathes of Kilimanjaro

    CS Lewis and Larry Niven
    • (t.rev)

      _The Kzinti, the Puppeteer, and the Wardrobe_.

      William S. Burroughs and Danielle Steele.
      • Re: (t.rev)

        The Naked Lunch

        *cough I know I went for the easy shot*

        Terry Pratchett & Marvin Minsky
        • Re: (t.rev)

          Mindful Maurice and the Conscious Rodents: A Cyberpunk Revolution

          Nietzsche and Maya Angelou
          • Nietzsche + Maya Angelou =

            Schadenfreude, The Color of My Father

            Robert Jordan & Gertrude Stein
            • Jordanstein

              The Autobiography of Verin Sedai

              Anthony Powell and Gene Wolfe
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