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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Decemberists kick ass.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Decemberists kick ass.

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squeee! (by lj-user sandradelete)
Any band that includes in their lyrics the word 'palanquin' is a band I have to like.

And I am so tired.
  • I now make with the happy squee. Squee!

    Tell you what, I owe you tea or coffee next time I'm in the neighborhood, poor tired thing.
  • Have you heard anything else by them? I love all three of their CDs, but my favourite songs are on "Her Majesty the Decemberists." (See: Red Right Ankle.) I'd be willing to throw a few up on Yousendit if you're interested.
    • I purchased all 5 CDs last night (yes, Virginia, there was one you don't own, and is a new one that was released yesterday!). It seemed fairest to the band to do so at the show, since they get a greater cut of the profit, that way.

      The new one?
      Really damn good.
    • The boy is to get it today, since it was still a few days from release when they played our town. It is all I can do not to drag him out of bed and send him out without pants. Must have.
    • Ah, excellent -- I should have given you more credit than that!

      And pfft, you're not giving ME enough credit either. ;) I have all three actual CDs, but I don't have the Tain or the 5 Songs EP on anything but mp3. And yes -- yes it is. I can't wait for their DC show in May.
      • They did, as their encore, the entirety of The Tain.

        And you're right- I had figured that since it was only out like 48 hours, you might not have grabbed it yet. ;)
      • They played it in the actual show the last time I saw them ... it's such an awesome, spine-chilling song to hear live. :D

        And of course! I've been shopping all week, there's no way I wouldn't've picked it up at the store as well. (Also advance sneak MP3s. Shhh.)
      • Fuckin' A. I will keep my fingers crossed that they do the Tain again at the show tonight. They didn't play any of it when I saw them in Boston last year...But then again that show blew a surprising amount for other reasons. Playing the Tain would definitely make up for it.-
        • They are definitely a bit on a '...bwah' footing with the universe, at the moment: about 4 days back someone snaked their trailer and all their instruments. :(
          They seem to be doing well with the new ones, though.
          • Yeah, I saw the thing about the gear over on thedecemberists. Sucks ass. The show in Boston was wracked by sound problems and packed with completely emotionless hipsters. Colin Meloy made the dubious decision to do their encore entirely acoustic...which didn't work at all for anyone more than 3 feet from the stage due to the very noisy rock band playing in another part of the venue. Not so brilliant.
            I'm gettin' me some Roscoe's Chicken n' Waffles before the show, because if that won't make for a good night, nothing will.
  • One of the reasons Scritti Politti will always have a special place in my heart is that they use words like "hermeneutic" and mention Heloise and Abelard in dancey synth-pop, not to mention naming an album Anomie and Bonhomie.

    • I totally love you for giving props to Scritti Politti.

      Totally. Love. You.

      Wherefore art thou, Green Gartside?
      • 6 years since Anhomie & Bonhomie... and 11 years between that and Provision, which came 3 years after Cupid & Psyche '85.
        He's still got 4 years to go before I start seroiusly wondering, m'self.

    • Now I'm afraid to ask you what you think about Cliff Richard.

      ***ducks and runs***
    • Meanwhile, rumblings about new Kate Bush music abound. That's been about 12 years.
      • Yeah- though she said in her december fanclub letter that this year would be the year.
        To quote from Twom's Kate Bush page, which seems to be as authoritative as it gets short of coming straight from the woman herself:

        Kate has annnounced in December 2004 that the album is almost finished and will be out in 2005: "we'll let you know when". She says: "I'm so pleased with everyone's work on this record. There are some lovely performances and I hope you will all feel it's been worth the wait. Bertie keeps me very busy, he is so much fun". Known contributors to the new album include Mick Karn (he says he played bass on a track called 'How To Be Invisible'), drummer Stuart Elliott and jazz percussionist Peter Erskine. The late Michael Kamen wrote the string arrangements for two tracks which will appear on the new album - she recorded what she has described as "some beautiful orchestral movements" with him and the London Metropolitan Orchestra at Abbey Road in October 2003. Chris Hall has played accordion on one track. Classical musicians Emma Murphy and Susanna Pell have also recorded for the album. Del Palmer is said to be engineering. Kate has had her new recording studio serviced and upgraded and started recording in late 1999.

        That's a hell of a lot of data for vaporware...
  • Every song seems to have at least one "dollar word" and yet they don't seem pretentious at all, just well-read. I like "rhapsodically" in one of the other songs.
  • I was going to try and go see them tonight, but it looks like I will have to work. However, maybe you can help me with this - what time did the band actually go on, do you remember? If it's late enough, I could still try and make it...
  • I personally loved them for laudanum, but I need to download more of their songs it seems.
    • Go you for the BabyBird icon, mysterious friend of colubra.
      • Sadly, I had no idea that was them. *hangs head*

        But now I shall go download the song.
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