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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

When I become a superhero...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

When I become a superhero...

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...I will wear armor made of solid bitchpleaseium.

EDIT to add:

A word of advice to anyone who might feel the urge to post something like 'OMG HOW CAN YOU MOCK ME FOR HAVING DYSPLASIA AND ENDOMITRIOSIS AND BEING DESCENDED FROM INSERT ETHNIC GROUP HERE', anywhere, ever.
Take a moment and check if what you're posting boils down to 'you are responsible for my emotional reaction to what you have said'. Please note that nobody but yourself can possibly be responsible for your emotions. You feel your emotions- your emotions do not just come up out of the blue. They live in your head. Now yes, I can certainly be responsible and not do things that are going to trigger your emotions- but I can't know that they will if you do not tell me.
  • You will be the gayest superhero EVAR!
    • Batman will be very disappointed to lose his crown, then.
    • It's probably the frilly underwear.
    • I'm pretty sure it's [INSERT RANDOM DC HERO HERE] - though in Marvel's defense, Namor could beat up Aquaman any day of the week, then go back and try to sooth the firey passions of that mandroid, The Human Torch I.
  • Because you are all about pleasing bitches.
  • When I am a superhero my power will be that other people will really be responsible for my emotions.

    And they'll know it.

    And feel really guilty about it.

    And give me things.
  • How dare you mock my noble Bitchpleasian heritage!
  • People like YOU are the REASON for the WORLD SHORTAGE of bitchpleaseium!

    Did you know that the global bitchpleaseium supply has been falling since the BEGINNING of RECORDED HISTORY?

    Global production of bitchpleaseium * has long been at crisis level (especially since the closure of the famed Balkan bitchpleaseium mines), while world demand has only continued to skyrocket, especially in the wake of Bush's re-election. ***

    * Atomic weight 69.181, Symbol: Bp **
    ** Or possibly a ththbbt smiley wearing cool shades.
    *** where 'election' is used in this case for epsilon values of democracy.
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