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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Dead Can Dance

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Dead Can Dance

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fog and bridge
Oh, tickets went on sale an hour ago for the 21st and 22nd of September.
they still seem to have a lot of tickets available: be sure and go for pairs of tickets rather than a sextet, as the seats you get will be much better.
  • So. Fucking. Tempted.
  • thank you

    thank you for this PSA

    i managed to get two decent tickets thanks to this shout out, so it looks like i'll FINALLY be able to see them in concert!
  • I scored a block of 8 (for the 22nd of course), row K.

    Interested in making up a party?
    • I'm unfortunately already spoken for seatingwise, both nights- A bit further forward than you on 22nd; near the front of the balcony, on the 21st.
      • Good to hear you did so well on the seating roulette! :)

        Quite apart from the show - and I've been wanting to see them and the Dolls forEVER - I've also been wanting to see the Paramount Theatre for ages.

        So looking forward to this!
    • If you find yourself with extras, let me know- I suspect I can set you up with purchasers for your extra tix.
      • Yeah, no problems! I've got a block of six contiguous seats spare in Row K. I'm looking to do no more than recover what I paid to Ticketmaster.

        $65 + $10 Ticketmaster "Convenience Charge" = $75 each.

        If anyone wants them mailed out, I'll need to add the costs of postage/insurance etc.
      • (or I imagine one could pick 'em up at the show if need be: just look for me, I'll know where to find sinick!)
      • Shoot, I'd love a better seat for the 22nd show. Can I swap you for my loser ticket plus the difference?
        • Well, it depends on how many tickets colubra wanted from me; I think the fairest way to handle this is on a first-come-first-served basis and he expressed an interest first *points upscreen*.
          • and enzeru could certainly prevail upon me. I was just looking to make sure the tickets didn't go wanting a home, for you. ;)
            • Consider this prevailing. I'll hand over my lesser ticket ($56.85) plus $18.15 for one $75 seat farther up.
              • Only one seat and not a good one? Damn, that's going to be tough if not impossible for me to unload! Buyers are almost never interested in single tickets.

                I'd really rather not get into swapping (as opposed to selling) less than a pair of contiguous seats.

                Anything less than that means I'm going to be the one left holding the bag.
                • I offered to pay the difference in addition to swapping the ticket--it's farther back, yes, but I'd think there would be quite a lot of people coming out to see DCD's revival, so you'd still likely, as you said above, break even.

                  But you clearly know better than I. Sorry I asked.
                  • If you think it's easy to sell a single ticket at greater than a loss, then I sincerely wish you the best of luck. All I can say is that my own experience indicates otherwise.

                    FYI, I have been in exactly this position before: with a single extra ticket. Could not find a buyer beforehand, couldn't even unload it for break-even outside the venue - eventually had to get rid of it at about half face price, as I'd been trying to sell it so long the concert was about to start.

                    The constant question before potential buyers walked was "Only one ticket? Not two?"
                    • I think nothing of the sort. I have never resold tickets. I realize I was asking for charity more than a business exchange.

                      Again. I apologize.
      • if you have any still available, i would like one.
    • m4dh4tt3r did not get hisself tickets, and will probably be touching base with you in the near future about purchasin' one. ;)
  • thanks for the tip - i looked the other day but there was no indication of when tickets might go on sale. my seats are secured now, though!

  • a
    cckkkkkk I totally forgot!!!
    • May want to check other comments to this entry- someone's selling a big batch on the 22nd.
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