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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

This icon is either

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

This icon is either

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mucha mosaic
A: my most anti-St.-Patrick's-day icon (as it's a snake), or
B: perfectly St. Patrick's-day-ish, as it's green green GREEN.

Talk amongst yourselves.
  • That's beautiful.
  • The snake is reclaiming the color.
  • as i sorted mail at work today, signed for delivery after delivery, and phoned up various co-workers ("dan, your shoes have arrived," "liz, that thing you wanted came in the mail," "rebecca, the key finally showed up,"), i wished people over and over again, "happy st. packages' day!"

    i think the snake is drunk.
  • It's anti-Roman Catolic (so anti St, pat), and pro-Irish. I say yay.
  • The greenness and the serpentility cancel out, making it neutrally St. Patrick's-day-ish.
  • Wow! I love the running bat!!!

  • Combination of symbology and colors associated with the day. It is not actively pro-snake, or pro-druid, so it probably counts as a generic Saint Patrick's icon.

    Or, y'know, it might just be a green snake in a green setting, which tends to be what green snakes like to do.
  • yes yes yes yes yes! i love that at least a few people still hold the snakes (druids/pagans) dear and refuse to celebrate this so-called holiday. being 100% irish, i'm a bit at odds with my 100% pagan self this time of year, but i think i've finally reached a happy medium- rituals and drinking, to honor a little of both sides. :)
  • well, hmm.

    i think it's very irish.

    but st. patrick did drive out the snakes. i don't like st. patrick much. wow i didn't even answer your question. keep the snake!
    • Oh, I've every intention of keeping him- I've had him since I made this journal. ;)
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