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Errata Typographia is My Muse

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Errata Typographia is My Muse

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Emailed a friend this morning about something that he was wondering, about Danielle Steele and John Grisham and Pat Conroy and all these authors of best-sellers that are- at root- shit. You know, the uninventive repetitive crap that sells, and blankets the landscape with page upon page of Stephen King's It or Erica Jong's Fear of Flying or Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet.
I made a typo in this email:
the problem I have with such litterature is...

I corrected the typo, and then on the commute to work kept thinking about this typo.
It's the perfect term for the sort of books that Truman Capote referred to as 'high among my favorites, because Michener keeps writing them and people keep buying them so Random House has money to give to me', isn't it?
motleypolitico also suggested that this term is also appropriately applied to anything printed matter handed to you on a streetcorner.
So: litterature (n.): any printed matter that either is intended to be immediately recycled, or really ought to be immediately recycled.

Danielle Steele is now to be referred to as an author of litterature.
  • Litterature. I like it.
  • j'adore.
  • This word should be submitted to the various on-line dictionaries, hopefully to be picked up and used as a proper part of the language.

    Just sayin'.
  • oooh, nice.
  • Here, here!
    Have you ever any of the Thurday Next novels by Jasper Fforde? There continually pop references to so many ridiculous mainstream popular pieces widely acclaimed by society. Among them is Daphne Farquit, who is in his world Danielle Steele.
    Plus he drops in little homages to literature, movies, and the like. Very entertaining reading I think you'd enjoy if you haven't read them already.
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