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So here's the horror...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

So here's the horror...

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mucha mosaic
2006: Democrats get Congress.
2006-2007: Impeachment proceedings are brought against the current president for various falsehoods he's knowingly represented as truth (these include the decay of social security, the reasons for going to war with Iraq, the reasons for going to war in Afghanistan, the quest for Osama bin Laden, the idea that no child will be left behind). Current president impeached from office (or resigns). Dick Cheney uses the 15th amendment (I think that's the right one?) to sign himself out of office as medically unfit. Condoleeza Rice, as the Sect'y of State, is sworn in as President.
2008: the Republicans run a ticket of Rice/Beelzebub. Or Rice/I WILL DEVOUR THE EARTH. or Rice/whatever horrifying agenda item they've come up with this go 'round.
Given the fact that they would own the black vote (as the only party running a black candidate) and the female vote (as the only party running a female), they win the election.
Then the true horror begins, as Condi steps down shortly after her election, giving us President Beelzebub.
  • couple things:
    1. only 4 years, thanks to the 22nd (?) amendment. two terms only, no loopholes.
    2. the 'black vote' is not, on the whole, particularly impressed with ms. rice. and the 'scary-assed racist' vote would probably not go for it either.
  • While horrible, I don't think it's going to happen for three main reasons.

    First, the black community as a whole is very underwhelmed by Rice; I've even heard some respected professors calling her "Aunt Tom" when talking about her.

    Secondly, given Rice's stance on certain issues like abortion, it's possible that the majority of women voters would not want to vote for her.

    Thirdly, I can't see the Republican party being able to swallow it's bigotry/pride/whatever long enough to nominate a black woman for president, even if they knew it was a scam to get the Devil into office.

    But it is horrible to think about, still.
  • If it makes you feel any better, Rice was asked about running for president on TV over the weekend, and replied 'I don't want to run for president, I don't plan to, okay, I will not - how many ways do you want me to say no' etc.
  • That's ok, I don't think the majority of democrat females are stupid enough to fuck up our chances for a GOOD female president by voting for Condi.
  • As a political TV and movie junky I assure you it's not the secretary of state - it's the speaker of the house. Congress. So Dick Cheney wouldn't resign.

    Like someone else mentioned, Condi made the news big time this weekend saying she couldn't imaging running for public office. Exactly. She has something she doesn't want picked over.

    Three, oh I WISH there were some decent Southern Democrats. Blue states need to just suck it up and see what they can do to compromise with the moderates in the south. We can't get congress back because we are just leaving the southerners out to fry. So in the end we get the bitch slap we deserve - the republican south owns congress.

    Democrats just need to start $upporting decent moderate southern republicans..... even John Stewart respects a certain person from AZ.
    • Dennis Hastert would be the new president. Which has allways sounded like elder god Hastur, for me. So who would Hastert (Hastur) have as his runningmate be? Could it be Cthulhu?
      • Except the senerio started with the Dems taking back Congress.
  • unimog in '12!

  • I don't see Ms. Rice getting the woman's vote in 2008, because of her likely opposition.

    I think we've almost assuredly got Hillary Clinton in the White House in 2008.
  • nooooooo!!!!!
  • Unlikely to happen thankfully - but the evil combo:


    Fear. Oh yes, there's fear.
  • But isn't that basically the 2000 Republican ticket anyway? Except, you know, Dr. Rice is functionally literate.
  • Rice versus Clinton in 2008 would have been the scariest presidential race ever.

    And no, Rice would not get the black vote. The best the Republicans would get is a split. She's already made history for her positions and isn't getting much more than a 'meh' from the Urban League and the NAACP, so she's no big deal in Black politics.

    I still maintain that the first Black president will be a Republican or a conservative of some stripe. And the first minority president will probably be Hispanic/Latino.
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