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So here's the horror...

2006: Democrats get Congress.
2006-2007: Impeachment proceedings are brought against the current president for various falsehoods he's knowingly represented as truth (these include the decay of social security, the reasons for going to war with Iraq, the reasons for going to war in Afghanistan, the quest for Osama bin Laden, the idea that no child will be left behind). Current president impeached from office (or resigns). Dick Cheney uses the 15th amendment (I think that's the right one?) to sign himself out of office as medically unfit. Condoleeza Rice, as the Sect'y of State, is sworn in as President.
2008: the Republicans run a ticket of Rice/Beelzebub. Or Rice/I WILL DEVOUR THE EARTH. or Rice/whatever horrifying agenda item they've come up with this go 'round.
Given the fact that they would own the black vote (as the only party running a black candidate) and the female vote (as the only party running a female), they win the election.
Then the true horror begins, as Condi steps down shortly after her election, giving us President Beelzebub.

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