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Call for community action

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Call for community action

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fog and bridge
There is a train that runs up and down the peninsula at a much more rapid speed: it's called the 'Baby bullet' and it gets from SF to SJ in about 1 hour. Caltrain is apparently thinking of cutting it to make up a $11-million budget shortfall.

if you could take a moment and go to http://www.caltrain.com/contact.html to inform them that this is not the smartest idea, this may help them to make an intelligent decision on the matter.
  • Can't I be a snob and believe that people who don't work in SF shouldn't live here?

    • Can I be a snob and point out that the trains run northbound as well?
      • AH! but if non-working-in-SF people didn't live here, there'd be room for those people to move into.


        Close the borders!
        • Actually, you'd have to double the amount of housing in SF to accomodate everyone who works in SF.

  • I put it under schedules. I would rather them cut weekends rather than the BB

  • Done. :)
  • And done.
  • how will i see all the grafitti if they shut the train down??

    thank you for the link,i left feedback,we need this service to keep all of us people off the streets!!...hateing traffic,plus those creepy tunnels are so wickedly scary,i only walk,train,bus,bike:)...can we also make everyone leave their cars outside of all cities LOL
    • Re: how will i see all the grafitti if they shut the train down??

      I hadn't looked at your userinfo page. I'll have to add you to the local people filter. ;)
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