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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

How, at the age of seven, I knew reincarnation wasn't true:

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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How, at the age of seven, I knew reincarnation wasn't true:

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Here was my 7-year-old's logic:
Okay, so there are X billion people on the planet today. So all these X billion people, if they're reincarnated, came from someone who used to be before they were born. But there were fewer and fewer people as you go back in time, back to Adam and Eve who were the only two.
So see? it doesn't work.
Unless there're extraterrestrial life forms. But then what's killing them off by the billions? Why can't they be reborn where they died? Did their planet blow up in a horrible explosion, killing everybody?
Do people who remember previous lifetimes remember being green and living on Mars-- or being whatever color and living on whatever other planet? They never do, do they. So see? Reincarnation doesn't make sense.

I'm not sure why I just remembered that.
Now since then, I've grown to consider reincarnation differently. Perhaps there's a GARGANTUAN clump of Soul out there in the other world- a lump that the soul of you, and me, and George W. Bush and everyone else ever to be has been scraped out of. Like a bunch of sillyputty in the can. So Christopher Columbus dies- his soul gets kneaded back into the lump of soul-stuff, a little smarter, a little more experienced- and his soul's experience is commingled with that of the whole lump. Later, another lump of soul is extracted- and perhaps this one remembers being Christopher Columbus.

I can believe that, but I still can't believe in 'strict' reincarnation. hrmn.
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    • You reminded me of the later alternate-theory on reincarnation I came up with, with this comment. I've edited to add that into the initial post. ;)
  • Is strict reincarnation the kind that sends you to bed without supper and gives you spankings? If so, sign me up!

    I always wondered why people who remembered their past lives were always famous people. No one admits to being a goatherd. Or the goat, for that matter.
  • I figure it could be that all living things dating back to prehistory had some amount of soul putty, and after reincarnating through various stages of evolution (paramecia, ammonites, dinosaurs, parrots, chimps), human beings end up with enough soul putty to have self-awareness and sophisticated reasoning and language. Similar to bioaccumulation.
  • Some humans are reincarnated aliens? You people have been watching too much Babylon 5.
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  • You big silly. Everyone knows we come from heaven, and that's where we go when we die (if we're good)!

    Seriously, actually, something I've noticed about a lot of these sorts of metaphysical debates is the common assumption that there are seperate and distinct "souls" for all sentient beings, and that these "souls" reside inside the body somewhere, that they are distinct . We're all the same stuff, born from the same cloud of stardust, 11 billion years ago, and as energy cannot truly be created or destroyed, we are essentially the same soul.

    Wow. Did I somehow put mushrooms on my rice krispies this morning instead of bananas?
  • Buddhists believe we were all other life forms on this planet. You think there were never enough bugs to go around?
  • Ah, but who says that you have to be reincarnated as someone LATER in the timeline? The spiritual world is usually thought of as being timeless.

    If you can be reincarnated, whyever not preincarnated?

    (I want to be Genghis Khan next time around. That looked like fun. I've already got the short, bloodthirsty and loving Mongolian food thing down pat.)
  • Have you read the Seth books?

    That's basically how it's spelled out in there. It's also pretty much what I believe. Although I also believe we have autonomy to study what we learned and figure out our next lessons (or lack there of Paris Hilton). And to chill. I think we only come back here when we're bored. Lord I could use up all your memory w/my zany ideas so instead I'll juts say "word"
  • This is 100% unrelated, but I think you would appreciate the user icon of the third comment from the top on this random lj post.
  • 1. now you've got me trying to remember what-all i've read about the craziness of scientology, because the "aliens reborn as humans" thing seems to resonate with that. not that you're anything like your average scientologist.

    2. am put in mind of "ouija board" by laurie anderson:
    And then you were a cow.
    And then you were a bird.
    And then you were a hat.

    3. i hear that Lump of Soul is playing a week from saturday at bottom of the hill, opening for polkacide. should be a kick-ass show.
    • (singing)

      Soul lump
      she kneels before the grave, her
      brave son
      who gave his life to save a
      that hovers between the headstone and her eyeeees
  • I used to have recurring dreams as a young child (like between about 3 to 6 years old) about trying to escape the scene of a mass murder and being shot in the back by a guy with a ginger beard and a turtleneck sweater on and it was only after I stopped having them and went to school and such that I had any real understanding of what that dream meant, so I've always believed in reincarnation but can't explain it logically.

    For me (please don't make me a Mormon) there are old souls and new souls, no idea where they come from but I believe we keep coming back to learn new lessons and once we're finished what we had to learn that time around, splat, time for the next life. It makes sense to me as to why we keep repeating the same mistakes, because our soul wants to learn this bit and get to the next one and why some children seem wise beyond their years and some adults are totally clueless. I can't explain it much more further than that and maybe it's just to comfort myself that my death won't be the end of my intelligent life but it's what I've always thought happened.
  • Oversoul?
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