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My Own Uniqueness meme (done while eating lunch)

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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My Own Uniqueness meme (done while eating lunch)

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10 Things I've Done that Nobody on my friends list has done...

1: been screamed at by a yakuza member who was irritated with my host brother.

2: walked from the East End of London to West Kensington at 3 AM.

3: been advised to get a hysterectomy by Harlan Ellison.

4: died.

5: had two award-winning novelists in my basic and extended (contacts-of-contacts) lists of 'people I could have caught VD from'.

6: Told Chris Claremont he had forgotten how to write.

7: been held up at a bank's night deposit drawer.

8: had sex in Golden Gate park outside of the Designated Cruising Zone (which is between the windmills) had sex in an alley off Times Square (CHRIST you people are shameless!) begat the San Francisco Cacophony Society's pigeon roast, which begat a wedding attended by a troop of Star Wars stormtroopers & appeared on boingboing.net.

9: co-authored a religious text.

10: eaten fugu.

If you are curious about any of these, do feel free to ask for more data in the comments.
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