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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Sign of End of Western Civilization, Part the Third

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Sign of End of Western Civilization, Part the Third

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mucha mosaic
exciting new applications of robotics.
  • RoboJarOpener!

    "Give me the jar. You have twenty seconds to comply."
  • Well, actually, my mother, who has arthritis so bad that she can't conceivably open a jar, got something in the order of a powered automated jar opener recently and totally loves it.

    But I agree that joe sixpack could probably do without.

    • I'd love to see this as a prescriptive device. Like crutches, yeah? It's an assistance to someone who's challenged.

      Joe Sixpack, however, is probably who's going to be buying this.
      • Well, people buying stuff they certainly don't need is what makes the world go round*, right?


        * At least, since the industrial revolution. Get it, revolution, round
      • So technology is okay as long as it's dispensed by people in positions of authority to people who, in your opinion, have a legitimate use for it.
        • Technology to replace a specific human capability is okay if it's intended for the use of humans who lack that specific capability, is perhaps a better way of stating the thesis.
          • By that sort of logic, dear, only women with arthritis would be allowed to use washing machines; I'd get off but the rest of them would still be down by the river with tubs and washboards.

            And I need one, so I'm just pissed that it costs $50.
      • I thought opening jars was all Joe Sixpack was good for.
      • Or, rather, Joe Yuppie.
    • Yeah, I was gonna say; it's easy to make fun of and frankly the price appalls me, but I've seen my grandparents' and parents' hands, and I'm starting to feel the arthritis in mine, and I expect there's actually one of these in my future.
    • Pish-tosh, couldn't the butler, the maid, Cook, or the cabana boy do it for her?

      I mean really, this whole opening-our-own-jars fad is only about a century old or so...
  • We are all so one step closer to having our muscles atrophy, sitting around our sleep-units like big bags of protoplasm, feeding/breathing tubes and catheters (hopefully) inserted in the right orificies, a wire sending the occasional jolt to the pleasure centers of our brain.

    I can't fucking wait!
  • I see it as a gag gift. The type of thing Jan gives Amy (possibly along side a vibrator) after a breakup or divorce with a note that says "now you don't need a man anymore."
  • I could probably use one of these myself. Some jars are just too strong for me, and I don't see my upper body strength increasing any time soon.

    Yay robots. And here I was thinking it was going to be something sexual, along the lines of fitting a Sawzall with an, um, attachment. (I'd type the word itself, but it wouldn'tg get through.)
    • I was thinking along those lines myself. I guess that says where our minds live....
  • Like anyone is going to use up that much counter space to open a fucking jar!
  • This is why Bush is in office

    What ever happened to survival of the fittest? If ya can't crack the coconut ...
    • Re: This is why Bush is in office

      "Survival of the fittest" is a tenet of Darwinism; since Bush has been in office his theories haven't exactly been in fashion.

      And since we're on the subject, now that nearly 10,000 years of human civilization have led us to this point, isn't it time that we put both the ridiculous notion of "intelligent design" and the equally ludicrous idea of "human evolution" to rest once and for all? >;)
      • Relax dude

        It's a joke.
        • Re: Relax dude

          Oooooooooh! I get it now!

          Wait, did you not get the joke in what *I* was saying? Ach, well, I tried, but I usually miss. As colubra can attest, I was tragically born without a sense of humor.

          ;) <---- (g-tag well-seperated from text this time for added visibility)

  • heh... and we have one of Our Friends to thank for that...

    I thought she was an agent for the deep ones...
  • grumble grumble rhubarb rhubarb
  • I believe someone else mentioned this as well, but in the last year before my grandmother passed away, her thumb was so twisted by arthritis that she could barely hold a pen, much less unscrew a jar. The strength in her forearms went as well, to the point where she couldn't pull the gear shift in her car. This little gadget would have been perfect.

    My mom's thumbs are starting to twist like my grandmother's. I'll bet she will need one of these in a few years.

  • Part the Fourth

    Wait, if you think THAT'S scary, check out this robot. (The second picture.)
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