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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

I know of at least one person who needs to be buried under this:…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

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I know of at least one person who needs to be buried under this:

Yes, it's A TOMBSTONE.
  • Oh MAN that Hello Kitty gravestone is awesome. I can see the epitaph:

    Hello Kitty has
    no mouth; she cannot speak, and
    now neither can I.
  • The sight of this tombstone almost made me rethink the whole scattered ashes thing. I mean, I could be buried under Godzilla's feet! So right! So wrong!
  • Damnit. I really prefer cremation.

    But I've always wanted a Japanese-style backyard garden, and he's SO going in it. Wading up out of the ornamental koi pond, methinks.
    • look closely at his tail- I'm not sure he's up to that, as there's probably a chunk of bent rebar in there holding the whole together. :(
      • I was only thinking of being about six inches deep at most. A small-stones "beach" over concrete that he could be standing on or rebar-fastened to, about like a driveway entrance, or even less slope. The tail could go flatter and counterbalance him.
        • Up from the depths! Thirty... inches... high...

          Loses something in there.
  • DUDE.

    I want two of those, flanking the end of the walkway to my door. Screw lions!
  • Brian. Oh gods, Brian.
  • Damn... my cemetery won't allow gravestones! I sooooo want this!

  • Can that one person please please please be me?
  • Hi!! I know at least three who would love to have him as their tomb stone!!! Merrow!!!
    I hope everyone in your area, plus yourself of course!! Are doing well!!
  • I want to know what he's doing to that egg.
  • yes! this is better than the custom detailed nascar coffins i once saw in the cincinnati enquirer.
  • Just cuz I'm curious, did your icon come from Colma?

    When I see that thing, I think lawn gnome. Not gravestone. But it is pretty funny.

  • ...What do you want on YOUR tombstone?
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