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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

I can only conclude that Neil Gaiman showed me this because he hates me.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

I can only conclude that Neil Gaiman showed me this because he hates me.

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officialgaiman posted a link to an auction for Terri Windling's art gallery.

This auction includes
Alan Lee's original prelim. for a set of covers for Gormenghast.

I can only conclude he did this because he hates me.
  • Don't you know? Neil hates us all. It's why he tortures us with good writing and art.

    It's a very subtle form of torture and hated, I admit -- but it's there!
  • *lust*
  • Hey, at least I could save the .jpgs.

    And whimper.

    A LOT.
  • He doesn't hate you he loves his friends

    "In recent months Terri has suffered a series of health setbacks, which has prompted members and supporters of the Endicott Studio to pull together to show their support with original paintings, drawings, sculptures, and rare prints and books for auction to benefit the Studio."
    • Re: He doesn't hate you he loves his friends

      Yes, I know, I know.
      But he's making me upset I don't use ebay.
  • If I had the money, this would be mine without a second thought. Always loved Canty. Never saw that one before, but... MASKS! Nnnnngh. *whine*
    • It's one of the 'Year's Best Fantasy & Horror' covers, if memory serves. I want to say 15th.
      • Somewhere, I have his Nightingale print -- if it didn't die with some of my old posters. My mother may still have it with a few of hers, since I bought it ages ago. (I can hope.)

        I'd cheerfully find a print of that one if I could.

        Sigh. Way back when, the Delaware Art Museum used to have a massive show every few years of sci-fi and fantasy art. It was always a remarkable show, but the idiots never put out a museum catalog for the shows. It's where I first saw some of his work, and... wow. My gods, the wow. The museum hasn't done it in years, and, doubly tragic (because their pre-raphaelite and Howard Pyle collections are godlike, especially for such a small site), is currently closed for renovations.
  • And do you hate us??
    I'm reading Gormenghast right now.
  • And I love you, so I'll show you some scantily clad Steerpike.
  • Uhm. Holy shit. Want. O.O
    • I know.
      I want to pester the persons auctioning it to get a good photorepro of it and do a limited run of prints.
      I think that the $20000 they could net from selling 1000 of them for $200 a pop would be useful.
  • Brutally, brutally evil.

    That is so the sort of style of art I'd like to have in my house and don't yet.


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