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I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Part of my mind is thinking it might be a good idea to sit down and watch all of Gilligan's Island, tabulating up a solid estimate of how much bamboo, how many coconuts, & so on are used in various projects to attempt to escape the island over the several years of the show's run. Through this tabulation, you see, one could come up with an estimate as to the minimum size of Gilligan's Island, and through that, one could come to the conclusion that since the motherfucker was already on Papua new Guinea or something similarly sized, the whole show is unredeemably illogical.

Another part of my mind notes that I ate 10 chocolate chip cookies and am probably high on sugar.
  • You mention that it might be a good idea? The means you haven't done this yet, right? If so, I think you need to eat more chocolate chip cookies until you're sugar-buzzed enough to be taking down notes in front of the television. The Nobel Prize awaits, mate! Cheers!
  • Hopefully you'll factor in the products that would grow back over the course of the show?
    • That would be part of it, yes: finding the variables in statements like 'Over X years, Y acreage of bamboo could be expected to provide Z feet of bamboo' and 'over X years, P number of coconut palms would provide Z coconuts' would enable one to determine how many acres the island would have to be. One would have to account for nutritional requirements, as well: wouldn't do for everybody to die of protein starvation or scurvy.
  • And maybe you'll be able to explain the Radio mystery to me. It never seemed to run out of battery, and I don't remember them having electricity.
    • The professor may be smart enough to manage building a crystal radio- which doesn't, actually, require a battery, if my memory of making one as a boy is correct.
      • Though, unless the signal was very strong, it would need an amplifier in order to produce audio as loud as theirs did.

        But the prof could have made some batteries out of coconuts and seawater, I'm sure.
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