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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Devil's Dictionary: addendi

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Devil's Dictionary: addendi

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Emo (n., adj.)
This word derives from the English word emotive, which is a term which is applied to modern music of a certain genre, and folks who adhere to that genre's strictures. Think 'goth', or 'metal': it's a similar use of language.
For those of us born before 1985, it may help to examine 'emo' if we produce an equation to describe it, which I formulate thus:
(Morrissey - glib wit) + .5(New Kids On The Block - assaultively high-end production) = <insert emo band's name here>

fabulous (adj.): a very few.
  • Snicker.
  • Wow. Amazing story. It's a shame how many amazing stories there are out there about amazing people who did great things that we will never hear about because they are so obscure. The name Oskar Schindler only became a household name after they made the movie.

    • In the US, anyways: he was a fairly famous fellow in Europe before that (the book did a bit for him before the movie came out).
  • thank you for hurting my brain.

    emo (noun)
    a cross between prince valiant and a plucked chicken:

  • *a Gen-Xer wanders in and ponders*
    So, emo is kinda like the grungers who didn't listen to Metallica and Guns n' Roses but were Kurt Cobain fans and carved his name into their arms when he died?
    • edit the above equation to replace 'New Kids on the Block' with 'Backstreet Boys', as far as I can tell.
      • *headtilts* So it's more pop-fake-angst than real angst?
        Because, dude, we grungers...now THAT was real angst. Because...yeah. It was 1994. And, um, right.
  • Holy shit. That's an amazing story.
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