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Here's a grand idea that I'll never do a damn thing with: NOW WITH CRUNCHY UPDATEY GOODNESS!

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Here's a grand idea that I'll never do a damn thing with: NOW WITH CRUNCHY UPDATEY GOODNESS!

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freak sale
So we have the Christian Science Monitor, which is a Christian periodical that, well, monitors science.

We have the San Francisco Examiner, which is a periodical that examines San Francisco.

Clearly, the time has come for The Advocate to rename itself. Yes, the times have changed, and the magazine doesn't do much advocating, now, does it?
So, I want to get on public transit and see swishy guys and women in Birkenstocks flipping through The Homosexual Agenda.

Do with this what you will, ladies and gentlemen.


It was called to my attention that the current kerfuffle over homosexual cartoon characters was predicted by landoverbaptist.org nearly 2 years ago.
since many people have not quite caught this: landoverbaptist.org is a deadpan farce site. Yes, it looks real. No, it is not real.
  • James Dobson's head would just explode.


    I'm all for it.
  • http://foo.ca/wp/index.php?p=7008

    I would SO subscribe if they did that.
  • Doesn't the Christian Science Monitor monitor Christian Science, rather than science? Actually, there's almost no science writing in CSM... I was very disappointed when I was a kid to find out that the First Church of Christ Scientist didn;t have test tubes and microscopes on the altar...

    • you know, I think you're right.
      Still, the name is descriptive, rather than just a noun describing a person who performs a task that the newspaper doesn't.

      And I too was disappointed to finally wind up in a church of Christian Science and not find a Jacob's ladder and a priest's chamber filled with white labcoats and scalpels and retorts bubbling away merrily, distilling the Blood of Christ out of something else entirely...
      • Despite its origins (it was founded with the intention that it would support the Church; rather, the Church pours gobs and gobs of money into CSM every year), the Christian Science Monitor really is one of the better American sources of news.

        And they /do/ cover science - they just, in my experience, cover it pretty lightly, like most papers.
  • I think it needs to be newspaper format, just named The Advocate in a pretty font, and printed on FT pink paper.
  • hahahah, i love that site!

    though my new favorite is http://objective.jesussave.us/index.html
  • I wonder if any shape that could, when viewed from any angle, be invinsiond as a penis no matter the degree of mental jujitsu required, could be relased into out society and not have someon point it out.
  • Googling "the gay agenda" is pretty amusing. Nothing I'd click on while at the university library, but you know, while I'd expected people to be cheeky with the phrase and run with it, somehow, I didn't really expect it.
  • What I found sick was that he thought it necessary to fling his grandson to the ground to knock him unconscious to keep him from seeing the program. Doubtlessly, if the child comes up with brain damage, the bastard is going to blame it on Nickolodian.

    I then found this little tidbit. This had better be a joke, because I do not BELIEVE that people actually advocate treating their children like this. If you cram a sock in a child's mouth and hold them down like a pig for slaughter, of course they are going to scream and struggle. What is most sick is that they suggest tricking the child by suggesting that they spend time with their vengeful parent. Emotional scars, anyone?


    Screw Sponge Bob. I'm thinking of child abuse and endangerment lawsuits.

    • landoverbaptist.org is a farce site. ;) No grandchildren were harmed in the making of this article...
      ...nearly 2 years before the real fundies flipped out about Spongebob.
  • Because I was curious, I went back and investigated the site. Obviously, I missed the point. I am deeply relieved that this site is, in fact, a joke, and that it is not advocating beating children for Christ. The scary thing to contemplate is that there may, indeed, be people out there who think that it is not only good, but necessary.

    After further perusal, I came upon this article, which I found hilarious. The icon is just hysterical, and I burst out laughing when I saw it. Enjoy!


    • Landover Baptist is a delightful exercise in deadpan farce. It's just scary when farce becomes inspiration for reality.
  • (no subject) -
    • Re: No Freakin' Way

      Landoverbaptist.org is a farce site.
      it is not truthful, it is ironic.

      And it predicted an actual fundamentalist nutbar's behavior by nearly 2 years.
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