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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

things i don't understand

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

things i don't understand

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mucha mosaic
The sex appeal of Orlando Bloom, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, and Brad Pitt. Less-so Brad Pitt (he's sexy, i guess, but in a way I just don't go for), but good god, the first three?
Can ANYONE explain this to me?
  • ew not hot, except brad pitt isn't hard on the eyes. maybes its my secret appreciation for the rugged, blonde american boys.
    • Yeah- Brad doesn't make me go 'YUM!'-- but he doesn't make me go 'EW!', either.
  • Orlando was an Elf. So he's automatically *gushommigodheissokyute!* or something, I guess? Blond, long hair, waify pretty boy. I find him horrendously insipid myself.
  • Orlando surfs elephant trunk, man.

    Even I got a little weak in the knees at that scene, and I'm straight like a 2x4.
  • Well, I don't get it, either.

    But I don't get Ewan McGreggor, Colin Farell, or Jude Law, either, so.
  • I personally don't get the Orlando Bloom thing - he does absolutely nothing for me (neither as Legolas nor in any other role). I think Brad Pitt is definitely attractive but not my type - I like him for his great movie choices, not his looks.

    I think Billy and Dominic are totally adorable, though only really 'sexy' in a one-night-stand sort of way. It's nothing I could put my finger on, it's sort of the personality of their faces that I like, more than the actual 'look' of them. The accents don't hurt AT ALL either.
  • I think Billy and Dominic are cute, but not drop dead ohmigod. Orlando is... hm. You know, I find him lovely to watch but I don't know why and that's frustrating. Pitt, depending on how they dress him up, can make me go yum. :) I spent much of Troy mentally hoping that the cameraman would drop the camera frame just a few more inches down. :)

    I do drool utterly over one hobbit, though, and that's Sean Astin. I've had the biggest crush on him ever since I first saw him in The Goonies. :)
  • Unlike everyone else here, I think Billy and Dom are utterly adorable (and swoonable), though it wasn't until the cast commentary of FotR that I really appreciated them. They're funny as hell, which is a lot of it; if I'm even a little attracted to a guy and he makes me laugh, he's instantly even more appealing. Add in Billy's accent and Dom's interest in the environment, and I'm lost. *shrug* Otherwise, I dunno, man; everyone goes for something different.
  • Brad Pitt functions as either a pretty boy or a rugged man, so he's flexible that way. I like him, and it's well-documented he has a great sense of humor.

    Billy and Dom, search me.

    And Orlando Bloom I don't get at all. He's so fucking effeminate. He's so delicate. He just looks like such a little bitch. He's the first guy I've seen where my friends have unanimously voted I could kick his ass, and that's really saying something. He has such sharp and awkward features. Every time he tries to look masculine he just comes off as such a poser.

    I don't know. Orlando Bloom I can't stand at all.
  • ORlando Bloom - enh. Legolas was hot, but - I think it's just that elves are hot. There were hotter elves in the movie, but they get less screen time. I saw a photo of Bloom going to the preview opening of RotK or osme such, and actively flinched in horror. Mostly, admittedly, because of really bad clothing, but greasy bad hair too.

    Boyd's got kind of a nice face. I think he could be sort of sexy in a sensitive-guy way in the right role, but he's not hang-on-my-wall-in-a-frame hot. Dom? Less nice a face and shape.

    Brad Pitt? Enh. Okay face, nice abs, buffs up well. He competes on a level with the average International Male model, in my mind (some of whom are quite nice, some of whom are skanky, and some of them are at least okay below the neck, which is where I think I'd put Pitt). He can exude teh sexxor in some roles, but so can some astonishingly un-sexy people.

  • Try this one for Orlando.
  • Brad Pitt is just yummie in all sorts of ways.

    As for the other three -- it's the eyeliner. :)
  • I donno. I liked Legolas because he was, well, an elf (like so many others've said) but I found him really bland. Like ... there only for the looks and nothing I could attach anything to. I found Haldir sexier as a result than I did Legolas because Legolas was just such a cipher.

    Billy Boyd I admit to finding sexy, but not handsome-sexy. He's just so goddamned cute and he /looks/ like he'd have a good sense of humour without needing to resort to fart jokes. Someone who it'd be fun to spend a weekend in bed with, without drama and baggage. And then go away and not see again for six months. And yes, the accent doesn't hurt at all.

    Brad Pitt does nothing for him, his eyes are just too glassy.

    Dominic Monaghan didn't really stick out, to me.
  • It's the nose. : P

    They all have pretty noses. Not sure about Dominic Monaghan, though, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt because I couldn't find a good picture showing his profile.
  • or..

    Or explain the sexy attractiveness of Brian Dennehey.
    • Re: or..

      ...if someone's calling Dennehey sexy, I really don't want to know about it.
  • I find Legolas's swords hot. o.o Can I say his swords are sexy? Maybe not him. But his swords? Mm. Swords.

    Billy is just cute. XD Like swords. Yes.
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