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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Let it be noted...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Let it be noted...

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squeee! (by lj-user sandradelete)
...that a bowl of sushi grade rice is so damn much better for a snack than a bowl of Uncle Ben's. OMG.

EDIT to add:

Let it also be noted that Jury Duty starts earlier than I leave the house on the average work day.
  • where do you get sushi grade rice? does it say "sushi grade" on the side of the package or something?

    is it something about how the rice is prepared? i've always noticed how rice for japanese dishes seems so much more full and sticky than the typical versions that we, as americans, get.

    can you 'splain?
    • This was bought at the organic grocery store near me, and the bin was, indeed, labelled 'SUSHI RICE'. It's very short grained- and it gets that full sticky thing just being shoved into the zojirushi without any prep work whatsoever. I imagine it's a species difference thing.
      • Technically, any short grain rice can be used for sushi rice, and yes, the full sticky thing is a difference between short grain and long grain rice. Short grain gives up it's starch more easily, making it ideal for things like sushi, sticky rice balls, risottos and so on.

        Unca Ben, on the other paw, is long grain, so it holds it's starch more. If it's converted or instant rice, it's been already precooked and prepared so as to keep the grains light, fluffy and separate, which means you'll never get full stickiness with it; it's designed not to get sticky.

        And yes, that might be more than you care to know, but alas, I'm a rice-craving foodie bored at work, so I have type to pontificate.
  • aaaaaaaagh now i crave noname!

    and it's an hour 'til lunchtime, and ain't no way i'm gonna get to eat sushi rice at lunch.

    sorry about stupid juty duty.
    • jury duty over. So that was OK.
    • I really should have something Japanese as an icon besides Brian Molko in a sushi bar

      And because I'm warped, my brain is singing to me
      I want to eat
      I want to munch
      I want to eat sushi rice
      maybe for lunch
      I want to take shelter
      from poisoned rain
      Where the streets have noname
      • Re: I really should have something Japanese as an icon besides Brian Molko in a sushi bar

        oh, man. and somehow you could morph that "tear down the walls" bit into something about monda caron's market st. railway mural, i bet. hee.

        sometimes i'm good at those. usually, it involves beer, and sometimes requires the presence of a cat.
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