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Today, I...

...wondered why UPS can get something 400 miles in 2 days and can't get it 50 miles in 24 hours.
...listened to the cunt who lives upstairs fucking play soccer with her spike heels on at 2 AM.
...listened to a bunch of people whine about shit I have no control over.
...was in a very minor auto accident which left no real injuries and not really any automotive damage.
...did not have sushi for lunch since the sushi chef was not there today for reasons that escape me.
...answered a lot of stupid people's stupid questions about stupid shit I have no relationship to.
...did not add to the near-fatality count for this day either with myself, or with one of the various stupid people.
...listened to someone I care very deeply about have a terrible day and bitch up a storm about it-- but refuse me any entryway to try and fix anything.

All in all, a really lovely anniversary of heart attack. Thank you, Fata Morgana. Why don't you go fuck YOURSELF for a change.
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