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So I stumbled across something important today: The Rules to a card…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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So I stumbled across something important today:
The Rules to a card game named Assumption.
EDIT to additionally add:
if you haven't read Tim Powers' novel Last Call and you like card games, urban fantasy, or the 30s/40s aesthetic? You REALLY should read it, it's a phenomenally good book.

Poll #416897 A Minor Assumption

I have read Tim Powers' novel Last Call

Yeah, didn't do much for me
Nope. Should I?
Nope, it didn't get my attention.
Christ on a crutch, no.

I would like to join a party of 13 in playing Assumption

Sounds like a good excuse to socialize, sure!
I don't play card games. Am I missing out?
No thanks.
Sweet jesus, like the world needs more poker variants???

I know there's at least 4 of you who'd be game (including myself and flatmate, here). I figure once we find our 13, we can pick an evening that works for everybody.

EDIT to add:
we will NOT, repeat, NOT, be playing with the Lombardy Zeroth tarot deck (or any other tarot deck): I am going to pick up a tarocchini deck (which is just the 56 suit cards) to use for this. Heck, if the author himself flees the building when people are playing Assumption with tarot cards...
  • ow. head hurts.
    • we won't be on a houseboat, though I might be prevailed upon to come in drag.
  • Don't plan anything on my account, but if it happens to be going on while I happen to be in town this month (and on a night I'm otherwise unengaged), I'd love to swing by!
  • Haven't read the book but the game sounds fun. I'd love to join in but it depends on the stakes. I'm pretty broke most of the time.
  • Love the book!

    If I could play, I would bring some extra special dark beer to the party.
  • Despite your edit, you still need a 'YOU WILL NEVER STEAL MY BODY YOU HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PERSON' answer to the second question.
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