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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

In which a pair of important questions are asked

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

In which a pair of important questions are asked

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mucha mosaic
1: Were you in my apartment, 11 days ago?
2: are you missing an umbrella (one of two) or a lady's jacket (two of these, as well)?
3: Is there some point you can come take them home? They look funny in my bedroom.
  • That's one funny "pair" of questions you got there, son.

    • The increasingly inaccurately named pair of Colubra questions. He's been following Douglas Adams. We cannot fault his taste.
    • Perhaps one of the three questions above is not something I view as important? ;)
  • Yes, no, and no, but...

    I probably should come over and get the big aluminum pan from the spinach pie at some point.

    Let me know when's convenient?
    • Re: Yes, no, and no, but...

      Forgot all about that! Shall we shoot for fri-or-thu after I get home (which would be post-7PM)?
      • Re: Yes, no, and no, but...


        Thurs probably won't work because it looks like it's going to be a long day at work; I'll want only to come home and collapse.

        And Friday is the Long Now seminar (I volunteer at these things regularly, and not just for the geek points).

        Maybe I can drop by sometime over the weekend?
        • Re: Yes, no, and no, but...

          the weekend'd work for me- I could stop by your place after work on Thu, as well.
    • Re: Yes, no, and no, but...

      Weekend looks better - I have no problems dropping by to pick it up, just need to do so.

      Also, I have no idea what time I'm going to get done on Thurs. It could be 6, it could be 8; I just don't know. That makes the logistics a little tricky, doesn't it?
      • Re: Yes, no, and no, but...

        Not really- I won't be home 'till 6:30- 7, and can just traipse over there when you're home. ;)
    • Re: Yes, no, and no, but...

      It's not like I'm in any huge hurry or anything, I just suspect that the pan also looks funny in your room!
      • Re: Yes, no, and no, but...

        hee: pan's in the kitchen, actually, under the casserole.
  • Umbrella: possibly rezendi or redshrike

    Jacket: one possibly 1muse.
    • Not their umbrellas, nope- the brolly that involved them was a third one.
      and either of the jackets might be 1muse's. Hsm.
      • She left with us, and IIRC her jacket could not be found at that time; she had hooped that warpanda would find it for her, but he may not have been able to do so. IIRC it was black, which probably doesn't help either.
  • 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
  • No, yes, no.

    ...and ha. Ha ha ha.
  • It does seem that people have a little trouble getting home from your parties with all and/or the same clothing they arrieved with.

    But with the rain I keep my shoes on this time.
  • Yes, no, and yes.

    You should have made this a quiz. :)
  • is one of the jackets kinda jacket-length for a normal size lady, but coat-size for a midget lady like myself?
    and black, natch.

    • Both are. Any particular sort of fabric?
      • wow--2 midgets at your party left their coats?! congrats--that's a sure sign of a good party.

        mine is kind of a heavy black polyester/rayon-y blend, satin lining. i think the label says ann taylor. and i just checked my closet, it's not in there.
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