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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

In which rain is discussed at brief length, which is all rain deserves.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

In which rain is discussed at brief length, which is all rain deserves.

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mucha mosaic
Water from the sky...

Hopefully everybody out there is having a better time of staying dry than I am. At least the house does not disgorge water on anything inside of it.
  • Being soaked is horrid, indoors or out. Unless it's nice warm hot bath or jacuzzi sort of being soaked. At least I don't have to go out in it, even if it does drip in my living room. Try to stay dry and well!
  • Heh. Sorry to say I totally missed staying dry, having gambled poorly on whether to wear the rain boots or the sneakers. But as long as you wander around totally drenched with a smile on your face and occasionally singing, you can at least confound all the hunched-over passers-by.
    • Two men, a samurai and a humble farmer, were both travelling through Kyoto one afternoon towards Kiyomisu Temple when it started to rain.
      The samurai dodged between puddles, hunched beneath eaves, and did his level best to avoid every drop of rain that he could.
      The farmer simply walked.

      When they reached Kiyomisu?

      They were both wet.
  • Er, not me. I got caught in a fucking downpour between 16 Mission and my house.
    • Getting caught in downpours @ 16th and Mission is my job, woman! (No, I'm quite serious: I've gotten poured on at that intersection three times in the last year when there was no expectation that any rain would fall anywhere)
      • I was wearing the uniform: long cotton skirt, long-sleeved t-shirt made out of pretty material, fleecy shawl/jacket thing, and the pink hat of doom.

        By the time I got to my apt, across from the Women's Building: my hat was soaked through (though my hair was dry. The back of my jacket was fairly wet, the front of my shirt was soaked through, and my skirt was soaked through and dripping in the front and in the back from whatever my jacket didn't cover.

        I was wearing sandals and I'm still not sure it was such a terrible idea. Wet sandals are bad, sodden socks and shoes are even worse. I mean, ideally in this weather I'd have had the sense to wear my Docs but it takes a while to get them on and I'm always running in the morning because I always oversleep.
        • BTW this was not a wimpy gauzy broomstick skirt. This was a heavy ribbed knit material skirt. Not denim, but not t-shirt material or that Indian gauze.
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