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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

In which the creation of a mood theme is debated

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

In which the creation of a mood theme is debated

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mucha mosaic
So i am thinking about taking pics of the Magic 8 Ball and using these to denote mood. 'Signs point to yes', 'My sources say no', 'Reply hazy, ask again later' & so on.
A: do you think that these would work at an appropriate pixel size?
B: does this sound like it'd be worth doing?
  • yes! do it...

    you can always use a magic 8 ball icon and use the text area to cover the captions.
  • A) Ask again later

    B) Reply hazy, try again
  • I'm surprised it's not done already. Sounds fun, and probably doable--people have all those LoTR character mood themes that manage to be recognizable.
    • Somebody has a 'SIGNS POINT TO YES' icon, which is what made me think 'it'd be GREAT for moods. Oh my GOD that would ROCK.'
  • a) no idea
    b) I think it's a great idea and I think you should try it.
  • I think you'd want to make some yourself, in a similar font/colour, but more horizontal. Something like (but much less lame and not HTML/CSS):



    • For reference, look at welcomerain's icons, which I think she stole from FARK or something.
      • Eeh- the legibility at 100x100 is perfectly good, based on the photo I've seen. I'm debating about making these images smaller, though.
        • Oh, you meant taking pictures of them to use as icons. I thought you meant as mood images. Which can be any size you like, since LJ doesn't host them, but large ones are pretty unappealing.
          • No, I meant using them as mood images. I saw one as an icon, and it made me think 'that would make a decent mood image, sized down a bit
            • And let me just say "thank you", both for using the phrase "mood theme" appropriately, and for planning to keep the images in your mood theme to an appropriate size. Because, as torquemada mentions, huge ones can look pretty bad.

              In case it helps, the ones in my own "blond elf" mood theme run from 30x30 for the default ones, to 30x40 for most of the ones that have a strong vertical component (like "thoughtful", "bouncy", "ecstatic" and so on). Finally there's the "rushed/busy" icon, there the little elfy head zooms all over the place. That one's 50x40.

              I don't know if you think those are too big or not, but now you at least know exactly how big they are.
              • I was debating 50x50, but I am really not sure the text would be legible at such a resolution. ;)
  • I'd worry a little bit about whether you could cover the full range of moods - even just the ones you usually use, much less the LJ list.

    But it's a very, very, very cool idea. It makes me miss my little Magic 8 Ball keychain.
    • there're 20 sides: let's throw moods at them.
      (leaving out 'thirsty', which is a physical, rather than mental, state.

      Signs point to yes. (happy, loved)
      Yes. (complacent, drunk)
      Reply hazy, try again. (bored, blah, confused, curious, high, hot, moody, okay)
      Without a doubt. (dorky, impressed, jubilant, nerdy, peaceful, satisfied)
      My sources say no. (cranky, drained, frustrated, pensive, pessimistic)
      As I see it, yes. (content, geeky, hopeful, nostalgic, optimistic)
      You may rely on it. (determined)
      Concentrate and ask again. (apathetic, blank, contemplative, enthralled, exhausted, full, groggy, hungry, mellow, numb, quixotic, relaxed, thoughtful)
      Outlook not so good. (crappy, crushed, depressed, disappointed, gloomy, grumpy, lonely, melancholy, morose, rejected, sad)
      It is decidedly so. (accomplished, artistic, creative, ecstatic, productive, refreshed, rejuvenated, thankful)
      Better not tell you now. (bitchy, devious, dirty, flirty, guilty, horny, indescribable, mischievous, naughty, sympathetic)
      Very doubtful. (crazy, embarassed, giddy, hyper, nauseated, scared, silly, weird)
      Yes - definitely. (bouncy, energetic, excited, pleased)
      It is certain. (cheerful, envious, good, jealous, relieved)
      Cannot predict now. (anxious, busy, ditzy, exanimate, intimidated, nervous, restless, shocked, sick, sore, stressed, uncomfortable, working)
      Most likely. (awake, grateful)
      Ask again later. (calm, discontent, distressed, lazy, lethargic, listless, recumbent, rushed, sleepy, surprised, tired)
      My reply is no. (aggravated, angry, annoyed, enraged, infuriated, irate, irritated, pissed off, predatory)
      Outlook good. (amused, chipper, giggly, touched)
      Don't count on it. (cold, cynical, worried)
    • 20 sides. Didn't know that. That seems to cover it all nicely.
    • Personally, I think doing some cut-and-paste with Photoshop to make custom texts would be really cool. Come on, didn't you ever want to see a Magic 8-Ball say something like:

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