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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

In which we debate foregoing the template for headlines to just post "OH HOLY FUCKING SHIT YES"

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

In which we debate foregoing the template for headlines to just post "OH HOLY FUCKING SHIT YES"

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squeee! (by lj-user sandradelete)
Garth Jennings has just confirmed two amazing bits of casting in a mini-interview on BBC Radio 1. The voice of Marvin will be Alan Rickman and Bill Bailey will play the whale! Alan Rickman is a highly regarded actor whose notable recent movies have included Dogma (directed by Hitchhiker's Guide fan Kevin Smith), Galaxy Quest (alongside Sam Rockwell) and the Harry Potter films.

OH MY GOD, perfection.

I'm sorry, who's Bill Bailey?
  • Mmm, Alan Rickman.
    • he's so damn perfect for it. This is exactly who I'd've cast if I could cast ANYONE.
  • Bill Bailey is a fairly accomplished British comedian. One of the TV shows he was in (Black Books) was run on Comedy Central a year or two ago. Here is a pretty good pic of him off his website.

    Having watched him in BB, he'll be fine as the whale.
    • Aaaah-hah, okay, I knew I recognized him from some context.
      Yes, he will do well.
      But hey, Alan Rickman as Marvin. Perfection.
    • Alan Rickman as the VOICE of Marvin. Marvin will be portrayed by Warwick 'Willow/Wicket' Davies.
      • So Marvin will be portrayed by two actors who've been in Harry Potter films?
        How curious.
    • Alan Rickman is Perfection in, well, most roles ever. But yes, extra-so as Marvin's voice.
  • And who is Garth Jennings, again?
  • Do you know just what you've done, by telling me that particular piece of news?

    You've forced me to *squee* like a rabid fan on nitrous, thus underscoring my patheticness beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Damn your eyes.
    • Hardly pathetic: I was absolutely thrilled m'self. And so's everybody I've talked to about it.
  • (no subject) -
    • If you poke around at imdb.com, you can probably find the movie by browsing summaries of films Rickman's been in.
  • Excellent choice! This is getting very exciting! Who did they cast as Ford Prefect? Arthur Dent?

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