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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

In which freakboy is a freak

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

In which freakboy is a freak

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mucha mosaic
I think I've got it: his head is in the Netherlands, and doing something like asking someone out requires, therefore, Dutch courage. I shall have to take the initiative on this one.
  • And possibly a passport as well.
  • Go to his place and ask him if you can borrow a cup of sem sugar.
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  • Use his own coy tactics against him.

    Go up and say, "Hey, my bed's not working. Can I hear how you sound in yours?" ;)
    • This icon is completely inadequate to the laughter that post engendered in me.
    • :beams:

      I try.
    • Oh, yeah - *cleans tea&toastcrumb goo off monitor*

      Freakboy's courage may flee further north, though.

      The cup of ah... sugar, that's it! might be just the thing.
  • there's always the tactic of showing him what a normal human does in this case, for instance, stopping by, saying, "I was just heading out for a pint of coffee/beer, and wondered if you'd like to join me."

    leading by example, as it were.

    though i have to admit that for funny, enzeru's suggestion wins all over. lots of stifled laughter here, and gratitude that i'd not taken a gulp of tea just before reading.
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