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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

The cute ones are always psycho. Why is that.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

The cute ones are always psycho. Why is that.

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freak sale
So the cute upstairs neighbor boy got an invite to tonight's festivities. They haven't commenced yet, but he's been by twice. Once to apologetically say he was 'too weird' to come by tonight- which I answered with a chuckle and explained the story of How my Stomach Didn't Want Me Staying, when I was up at his place. 'So if you feel up to it later, do stop by,' I tacked on.
Then the second time to see how a tape sounded on my stereo. Oh, a tape that he played guitar and drums on, with vocals by a friend of his, about violent transsexuals playing pool on a table with no sticks. no balls. and no cocks.

It was, actually, quite enjoyably weird music. I just wish he'd've said like 'I wanna see what you think of this song I did with my friend' instead of pretended that like his stereo was weird or something.
Freak boy.
  • Boys are weird. But you should know that by now.
  • oh dear. What a shame.

    Maybe he's overwhelmed by your decor and feels he's got to be peculiar to impress you?
    • He definately sounds shy. He might also have wanted to come, but was intimidated by the idea of a large party of strangers.
      • Freakboy did, indeed, come downstairs around 11:50 or so. And then promptly vanished while we were going upstairs to watch fireworks at midnight.
        Didn't even manage to sneak in a NYE kiss. Hmph.
  • Sounds a little shy, or not very worldly. And you Sir, are forgetting what a master of coolness and sophistication you are!

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