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Okay, Best. Christmas Present. Ever.

I don't have it in my hands yet.
Not Yet.
But I know about it now.

'sultry renditions of classic Beatles, Sting and Bowie songs' ... 'Bowie's "Fame"'... 'The Smiths’ "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me"' and, of course, 'The Beatles' "Come Together"'.

This is some- some, not all- of the bonus stuff on the forthcoming Eurythmics reissues- remastered from the original multi-track recordings by Dave Stewart (who has, in the intervening years, turned into a pretty damn good producer).
And there's a forthcoming box set. Let me repeat that. A FORTHCOMING. BOX. SET.
Also from the article linked: While the vaults were combed through, "We had one eye on the reissues and one on the box set we’re going to put out in about 18 months’ time. We’ve got a lot of unreleased material, but within those parameters we had to save some for the box set — which is a better format for the unreleased songs, anyway."


(can you guess what my favorite band was in the 80s?)

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