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Question for Anglophiles and Brits:

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Question for Anglophiles and Brits:

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angel maida vale (by LJuser biichan)
I have Thatcher, Major and Blair in a room, and I do away with the three of them for crimes against humanity and for being servitors of an inhuman soulcrushing regime of despite and despoilation.

Would the headline in the newspaper article on this event read
Tories executed for being rat-bastard pigfuckers
or would it read
Torys executed for being rat-bastard pigfuckers?

I'm not sure of the plural of 'Tory', to sum up.

Okay, my bad, Blair's not ACTUALLY a Tory. See, this is why I was looking for anglophiles/Brits. ;)
  • Tories.

    *wanders off*

    (was reading friends of friends pages...)
    • Thank you! And hopefully you got a chuckle out of how the question was posed. ;)
      • Chuckle? I was hoping (prayingprayingpraying) it was real...
        • Well, Maggie seems to be going down the Ronnie Reagan path of karmic retribution here, from all I can tell: degenerating into a gibbering mess of incoherence and uncertainty. I feel sorry for her just like I felt sorry for Reagan, yet at the same time there's a beauty in the sheer mass of ironic justice there.
          • Oh yes, going barmy, hurray! I would probably be a better person if I felt a bit sorry for her... but I, along with many others, will be glad when she's finally gone. And even she is opposed to the government's new ID card scheme, apparently.

            I'm coming across as very political here, aren't I?
            • It's an appropriate context for it, though. If you wrote a post in your LJ asking something about The Shrub and I came across it, I'd certainly come across quite politically as well. ;)
              • :)

                He evil.

                *hits all evil and stupid and generally not-right politicians*

                It's really very annoying. And in the UK at the moment, given that 'Labour' (ha!) are in at the moment, there's no real plausible electable alternative.
  • (no subject) -
  • I think in Europe the headline would be Tories executed for being rat-bastard pigfuckers? while in the U.S.A. the headline would read Scott Peterson gets death!. As sad as that makes me, Walter C. and Edward R. Murrow.
    • Don't forget H. L. Mencken.
      • No, let me not forget him. It does bring up an interesting point, could one get the Nobel Peace Prize for taking out the garbage as they say in New Jersey? Say if someone were to remove a vital bit of Idi Amin? I guess not; however, I bet you could get the Time Person-of-the-Year award, they have low standards these days.
  • I have Thatcher, Major and Blair in a room

    Now line them up agains the wall...

    Plural of Tory = Tories. The group noun is 'bastard'.

    Why do you want to know anyway? Given how poorly the Prince of Darkness Michael Howard is doing, I don't think there's ever any need to pluralise the word. That implies there might actually be more than one noticeable Tory in the world.

    Okay, my bad, Blair's not ACTUALLY a Tory

    Really? Has anyone thought to tell him that?
    • Why do you want to know anyway?
      I've been reading a novel that takes place in the 80s (Booker Prize winner for 2004, mentioned in my prior post) which is set around the fringes of the then-current Tory ascent, and noticing that the word doesn't get pluralized-- and wondering what the plural would be.
      • I've been reading a novel that takes place in the 80s

        Other people cannot remember the 60s. I cannot remember the 80s. I believe it's a mental defence mechanism. All I know is, when Thatcher finally dies (assuming someone is brave enough to approach that close with a stake) they're going to have to build a disco over her grave to accomodate all the people who want to dance on it.
        • There is a lovely Elvis Costello song about the Thatcher era which, if I didn't care for big-band jazz, would still have been worth the price of admission for his album Spike.
          The title is 'Tramp the Dirt Down'. It's the single most scathing political song I have ever heard.
  • From what I remember of my UK paper-reading days, it was always Tories.

    But from what I remember of my UK paper-reading days, the headline is more likely to read either "Nasty dictatorial politicians executed by angry American; UK jury sympathetic" or "KILL 'EM ALL! YANK SHOOTER SORTS 'EM OUT! SEE PAGE 3 FOR TITS!"
  • Not that it hasn't been answered to death, but...

    As our friends the Newtown Neurotics would tell us (loudly), it's KICK OUT THE TORIES.


    (I hate when I do that.)
  • Well, yeah, but Clinton wasn't officially a Republican, either.
  • Tory,Tory,Tory!!

    And I think we should abolish Tori Spelling as well.
    Down with all the Tory's!!!
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