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I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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So I'm reading the new Booker Prize winner- The Line of Beauty, Alan Hollinghurst. I haven't read Hollinghurst since his second novel came out (which I found extremely disappointing, after the sheer assaultive beauty of The Swimming-Pool Library). While I was in London, the ex I spent an evening with mentioned that his old friend Alan had a new novel coming out that was going to be 'Awfully good, I've read some of the first draft'.
So a mutual friend says to me the novel is good; the Booker Prize committee say it's good. Okay, I pick it up, I start reading. It's quite charming- and apparently either Michael knows Alan better than he let on, or Michael and his circle of associates were the people that Alan wanted to lean on for writing a novel about the British aristos in my own age bracket. It's very very weird reading a novel by someone you've never met which has a character in it who is quite obviously a thinly-veiled portrait of someone you not-only-have-met-but-have-slept-with-regularly-enough-to-be-called-a-boyfriend. It's just damned weird, seeing Michael described through someone else's eyes.
And even weirder to read a novel by someone you don't know about people you do know when that novel kicks off with the main character flipping through a mid-80s book on the new Torys to look for the places where his landlord (a Tory MP) turns up.

I suffer from brain-hurty.

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