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Rumblings of forthcoming books

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Rumblings of forthcoming books

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1: new John Crowley novel, titled; Lord Byron's Novel: The Evening Land, July 2005

2: new Dan Simmons titled Olympos, July 2005

3: new Clive Barker (which I am assuming will be part of the series he's been doing): the Scarlet Gospels, Aug 2005 in UK

4: two new Jim Butcher novels (1 in the Dresden Files series, 1 of the series he began w/ Furies of Calderon): May & July, 2005

5: new TIM POWERS book: Strange Itineraries, July 2005-- a complete-short-stories anthology.

Too much in July this year, sheesh.

  • A new John Crowley novel? Excuse me while I hyperventilate. I love the John Crowley good.
    • The Crowley/Byron good, no less.

      I assume you've read the short story antho that came out over this last 12 months or so? Only one newly-anthologized piece- the rest is 'Novelty', which is easy to come by, and 'Antiquities', which is something like HELL to come by (as there's only 1088 copies of the book anywhere on the planet).

      • I've seen the anthology, but I haven't read it yet because I've been up to my armpits in classes.
        • There's two truly great stories in it. One won the WFA (Great Work of Time).
          There's a really clever lit-crit book on Crowley's writing, too, titled 'Snake Hands'.
    • www.subterraneanpress.com has a listing on a new Crowley novella, too- just in case you didn't see the other email notification I had lj send you.
  • The second Furies book is just as good as the first Furies book. I think you'll be pleased. :)
  • do you know when the new anthony robins book is coming out? my life is never complete unless i have his books and tapes telling me how to live my life at super maximum potential.
    • I dunno, I was just reading up on fiction, and I would never classify such brilliant insights into the human condition as fiction.
    • Too much in July?

      You can go through all of those... in July. What are talking about?
      • Re: Too much in July?

        Yeah- and there's generally 2-3 other books I want to read for any 1 that has a pub date listed in December.
    • yes... i mean... anthony robbins... i usually just sit patiently, awaiting instruction from him.

      i'll let you know if he suggests any good fiction books about people who get the most out of their lives here on earth.
      • I can't keep a straight face while I type this...

        Oh please do! I don't doubt that his brilliant insights would lead to truly illuminating reading!
        • i actually went to his website to find these things

          Wow... that's great. You know... there aren't many people who I really get a sense would appreciate fiction recommended by him, but there's a lot of books (and i mean a lot of them!) that he's suggested in the past that i think you might like!

          I must admit that most of the ones he recommends aren't fiction, though. He typically recommends stuff like a Binder, RPM Manual, Dated Daily Sheets, Weekly Planners, Monthly Sheets, Project Planners, Driving Force/More Fulfillment Sections, A-Z Name & Address Forms, Journal Notes, Communication Sheets, a Business Card Holder, a Clear Document Holder, a Calculator, a World Map, Personal Data Sheet, a Health & Fitness Record, a Conversion Table, an Expense Envelope, Auto Service Records, & a Personal Cash Flow Sheet.

          If he recommends any fiction, though, I will let you know. Like I said...
  • t. rev

    I got a new Jack Vance book today: 'Lurulu'. From a cursory look, 'Lurulu' seems to roughly translate to 'Slack'.
  • OLYMPOS! Man, 7 months away. pout.
    • When you are an IDIOT
      and buy the limited-to-800-copies first edition
      the ONLY advantage
      And really the ONLY one
      is that the first ed. publishes at least a month prior to the trade.
      • Hmm, probably too late for me to be an idiot though. Ah well.
        • Nope!
          go here.
          • Oooh, you evil crack dealer you! I know where my christmas money is going...
            • I got the limited of Ilium recently: Subterranean does pretty things.
              I got a number in the first half of the run, too- which suggests, to me, that the option of having both is quite readily available.
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