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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

lyrics not-exactly-meme goodness Two entries back, I posted lyrics…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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gothic alley
lyrics not-exactly-meme goodness

Two entries back, I posted lyrics to a few songs.

If you want to give a guess on any of 'em, click the prior clicky thing. If you want to see who they were, then you've clicked in the right place.

1: Dinner at Eight, Rufus Wainwright
2: The Headmaster Ritual, The Smiths (I am APPALLED that nobody got this one)
3: Lie Detector, Sleeper (Sleeper did one fantastic album, and two okay ones. The fantastic one is titled The It Girl. Buy it.)
4: How Could Anybody Know What I Feel?, Morrissey (too short a lyric sample, this).
5: Carrion, British Sea Power
6: Sunday, David Bowie
7: Never Be Mine, Kate Bush (how the hell did everybody miss this one? The album sold, literally, millions of copies. Huh.)
8: Miss Moneypenny, Placebo (A band who does weird b-sides: this is the best B-side ever.)
9: The Fortune II, Chris Connelly & the Bells (Find yourself a copy of Ultimate Seaside Companion.)
10: Truce, The Dresden Dolls
11: The Fat Lady of Limbourg, Brian Eno
12: Honestly, Annie Lennox (The album Bare was something like the best-selling album of 2003. But you wouldn't know it by you lot, wouldja.)
13: Rebel Prince, Rufus Wainwright
14: It's a Mug's Game, Soft Cell
15: Watching the Detectives, Elvis Costello

It was interesting to see what people missed.
  • i gotta say, no, I did not know any of those :)

    We listen to somewhat different types of music. ;) Mostly, I think, it's that the stuff you appear to really like, is stuff I will listen to if it happens to be on. :)
  • I was hoping you'd post the correct answers soon because like a good non American, I couldn't even wild guess.

    Now that I know, I'll be able to download and listen to them. : )
  • I would like to point out that I would not have missed #2 if my darling family had actually paid attention to the wish list that I so carefully provided them for the last, oh, five years running, on which I have been trying very hard to actually get on CD all the stuff I had on tape in high school (and haven't heard since then, as I don't have a functioning tape player). Someday, I'm sure, one of them will be nice enough to fetch me Meat Is Murder, and I'll actually hear that song again.


    (in other news, quite grumpy I did miss that one.)

  • Only knew #15

    However had some Boston, Foghat, or Eagles been on there I woulda kicked some crazy ass. CRAZY ASS.
  • I've never heard of any of those except I should have known #13. Being that that's the one I have. Actually, I don't think I've ever heard a Kate Bush song. Yeah um. I should go listen to more music now or something.
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