I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

lyrics not-exactly-meme goodness

Two entries back, I posted lyrics to a few songs.

If you want to give a guess on any of 'em, click the prior clicky thing. If you want to see who they were, then you've clicked in the right place.

1: Dinner at Eight, Rufus Wainwright
2: The Headmaster Ritual, The Smiths (I am APPALLED that nobody got this one)
3: Lie Detector, Sleeper (Sleeper did one fantastic album, and two okay ones. The fantastic one is titled The It Girl. Buy it.)
4: How Could Anybody Know What I Feel?, Morrissey (too short a lyric sample, this).
5: Carrion, British Sea Power
6: Sunday, David Bowie
7: Never Be Mine, Kate Bush (how the hell did everybody miss this one? The album sold, literally, millions of copies. Huh.)
8: Miss Moneypenny, Placebo (A band who does weird b-sides: this is the best B-side ever.)
9: The Fortune II, Chris Connelly & the Bells (Find yourself a copy of Ultimate Seaside Companion.)
10: Truce, The Dresden Dolls
11: The Fat Lady of Limbourg, Brian Eno
12: Honestly, Annie Lennox (The album Bare was something like the best-selling album of 2003. But you wouldn't know it by you lot, wouldja.)
13: Rebel Prince, Rufus Wainwright
14: It's a Mug's Game, Soft Cell
15: Watching the Detectives, Elvis Costello

It was interesting to see what people missed.

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