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Act of faith

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Act of faith

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George R. R. Martin assures us this year that he'll finish A Feast For Crows by the end of the year (which would mean, given the vagaries of the publishing industry, that we'd receive it by the middle of next year).
Now, he's said this before. Noteably, last year this time, and this time the year before that.

However, I am choosing to pretend that George is almost done. And in service of that self-delusion, I am re-re-reading the extant 3 books. Reacquainting myself with the storyline he's writing.
Fucker best finish the book off soon.
  • I've been listening to all three as found on Audible.com ready by Roy Dotrice. Amazingly well done audiobooks. Makes my commute go by in a snap (and each one takes about 30 hours, which gets me a month of commutes).
    • I've considered that sort of thing- we have a long commute, and it seems reasonable that it'd be good to eat it up with these.
      Are they the whole-and-uncut, or are they portions?
      • They're unabridged. No bridges for you.

        Now I know what to ask for Chrishanukwanzstice!
        • Yeah- my housemate hasn't read 'em at all, so this may be worthwhile.
          Of course, it's a huge download...
          • Get a membership. $15/mo gets you one free book a month (they typically go in the $40 range for books like A Game of Thrones). Get the second-highest-quality downloads (about 30MB per section, which is about 8 hours). And list audible@tenzil.com as your referrer. Keep your membership two months and I get a freebie. :-)
  • He'd best.

    *cracks knuckles*
    • This is what I love about the British author I've been reading lately (Ricardo Pinto).
      Dude's house burned down a year ago.
      Destroyed everything, except for the extant portion of manuscript for the 3rd book in the trilogy he's working on.
      Dude's handing the book over to his publisher at the end of the year.
  • You have to believe, you have to believe. Heck, it might even be true this time...
  • t. rev

  • He needs to write faster, because these are huuuuuuuuuuuuge books and he's not a young man and if he dies before the whole thing is wrapped up, I will have to hurt someone. :)
    • Maybe he'll be goaded, as Stephen King was goaded by a near-death experience.
      We may be one croque-monsieur away from the completion of the Song of Ice and Fire.
    • I don't believe it anymore. That makes me mad!! I'm not starting my own re-read until the next one's at the printer's!
      • Well, I'm also trying to avoid doing anything like buying stuff that comes out that says 'HELLO colubra NEEDS ME', in the interests of giving the housemate an easier time of shopping for Christmas presents.
        • Mmm. Presents.

          Hey, would you consider taping Earthsea for me? Or do you think it's going to suck?
          • It'll be on my TiVo, so it could get taped. And I don't know how badly it could suck. But it is SciFi, so they could achieve the impossible.
    • Tartine Bakery is less than a block from my apartment. Too bad they don't deliver.

      Actually, I know the woman he's lived with for years and years.

      Unfortunately, she's a huge bitch and I hate her.
      • Shame that you and she don't get on. I've met neither, but if they're happy together, that's all I need to know about them.

        Maybe if she's terribly awful we can convince her to inconsistently reward productive writing sessions with sex. That'd get him finished faster, from my understanding of human psychology.
        • Oh, I'm glad he's happy for her, but I'm really pissed off because she refused to let him have a fan letter I wrote him on account of the fact that she hates me.

          We were in Church of All Worlds together. Oh, the embarrassing places I've been.
          • Well, that sort of foregoes convincing her to withold nookie for to get her beau's ass in gear.
            Ah well. ;)
  • It doesn't help that he's posted [a] chapter(s) (can't remember) on the site. Because while I like all the characters, he posted an Arya chapter, and RRRRRR stop teasing, damnit!
  • I'm reading them for the first time, ever. I'm on the third book and expect to have a MASSIVE fit when I'm done because I'll want the next one and it won't be out.

    But I'm loving the book-crack.
  • I've been waiting for David Gerrold to finish "A Method for Madness", the fifth book in the "War against the Chtorr" series, since I was 14. So long, in fact, that I'm no longer interested in him as an author and find that his personal politics seep into his fiction and taint it for me. Kinda like Robert Heinlein.
    • I had the same personal-politics-seepage problem with Gerrold straight out from book 1. Stirling is another one I'd really rather gargle sawdust than read again, for the same reason. Add in that Stirling, unlike Gerrold, is NOT a smart author. AT ALL. Gerrold's smart enough that you can tag along for grins even if the politics are annoying- Stirling's so stupid that he fucks up a REAL GOOD premise, in the worst possible ways, and then adds on a bunch of reprehensible double-standardized politics.
      So yeah. Sympathies on losing the charm of Gerrold.
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