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Howl's Moving Castle (I cannot WAIT)

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Howl's Moving Castle (I cannot WAIT)

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no mask... no mask!
Item the first:
The director of Monsters Inc. is helming the overdub project for the domestic release.

Item the second:
Nausicaa.net didn't update with 'hey, the movie released in Japan on the 20th', so they provided us with a link to a truly beautiful trailer here, and another truly beautiful trailer here.
I've linked the windows media player versions: there is a MPEG-1 version, as well as a XviD, of each, available here, along with translations of the dialogue.

Is it just me, or does this look even better than Spirited Away?
  • Amusingly enough, the primary host of nausicaa.net is a good friend of mine. Apropos of nothing, but whenever I see 'nausicaa.net', that's what I think of.
    • Yeah. It looks... exactly right, doesn't it?

      Oh I could just wet myself, this pleases me so.
  • oh my god

    The art is just gorgeous, wow. And the castle's truly magnificent, from what's shown here. Not that I'd expect anything less, but still.

    I saw the 2005 Ghibli calendar at Kinokuniya today and was all excited by the inclusion of Howl's; these trailers are even better, thank you!
    • Re: oh my god

      You're very welcome. I so cannot wait for this to be released in the US. Keep your eyes on this page; I'll post when I have gathered more solid details.
  • This is funny. I just had dinner tonight with a friend of mine who saw this while she was over in Japan.
  • thanks

    Just checked out the trailers. Nice of them to include avi's since windows media is at present only available on Turbolinux, or for codeweavers users. May just have to go see that!
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