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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
Molatar's Castle.

Man, this shit is broken to a degree that makes frescoes go 'dude, you're out of too many pieces'.

'Thanks' to evilgrayson for calling this to my attention.
  • Or Frescas, even.

    *whistles circus music*
  • DUDE! This was my favorite -- from the Roleplaying section:

    I have Jesus to change me into a dragon and create neat lizard people to assist me in heaven.

  • Well... I suppose that there's nothing in the bible forbidding sex with anthropomorphic animals, right?

    Heh. Nutty.
    • Presumably as long as they aren't gay devil-worshippers...

      Love your dancing rat, btw.
  • See, THIS is why I knew about two weeks into Psych 101 that I was NOT cut out to be a therapist.

    Because DAMNED if I could resist the temptation to *snort*, even though this is one deeply, deeply sick mind, desperately in need of serious treatment.
    • I'm glad I'm not the only one who got that from the site.

      Given his ... personal relationship with The J-Man (and previously with Satan), and his claims that God has directly told him about how to turn into a dragon, part of me suspects he has moved from schizotypal to schizophrenic.
      • Bingo.

        The grandiosity and persecution complex are straight out of a textbook.
  • Hahaha.



    *wipe tears away*

    Ah, thanks. I SO needed that.
  • please please o merciful father of lights do not let it BREED

    ...I'm utterly horrified. That was.. ooh the bad.
  • Uh...huh.

    What a lovely glass house that must have been at one point. Now it's all boulders and shards.
  • The section on Magick is pretty entertaining, but so far my loudest noise has come from reading that, "Country trails have the advantage of greater privacy, connection with nature, and deadly black bears."

    Must read more... it's been a shitty day and I really need the reminder that my reality is not the only one.
  • almost as frightening/amusing as the Christian Femdom site I stumbled upon yesterday.
    there are no safewords in the lake of fire!

    ha ha ha ha haaa!
  • I no longer play roleplaying games. I don't need them. I have the Holy Spirit to give me miraculous powers. I have the Father to supply all my needs. I have Jesus to change me into a dragon and create neat lizard people to assist me in heaven. I don't need the fantasy because I have the reality.

    Well. Isn’t that special…? I thought this was my favorite, too, until I saw…

    When God changes me into a dragon, people from all walks of life will admire me and listen to what I have to say for once in my life. Nobody wants to listen to a scared little boy with glasses, but everyone likes dragons. I'll give them a good reason to accept Jesus. They'll get to meet REAL dragons in Heaven, not the make-believe ones in fairy tales that will never be able to interact with them. Jesus will prove to them, through me, that He can satisfy anyone. Why should satan have a copyright on the dragon image? I'll fight it in a bloody court of law if I have to. The dragon image is PUBLIC DOMAIN and as such I can claim the right to my own interpretation on it. I will be the real dragon, not satan. Satan is just a miserable fallen angel and I will not let that insignificant jerk steal my dreams.

    What a cool idea. Let’s take Satan to court for infringement of public domain images. *bwahahaha* Let’s nail all those medieval monks too, those with the eschatological Revelation fantasies, as clearly they were Satan’s minions…

    *snort* Really, I thought you all were going to have a Freudian field-day on the artwork itself. ("Do you think he's compensating for something?") Clearly all homoerotically-repressed, celibate, schizotypal, desperately-undermedicated, furry fundamentalists should offer salvation to vampires. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    However it was very kind of him to include instructions on “P-Shifting,” as clearly every witch ought to add that to his/her BOS. I wonder how many warnings we can wrack up, collectively, in his “forum,” assuming it ever becomes active?

    Lordy, Colubra. Where DO your friends find this stuff…?

    Love and hisses, baby…
    • I.
      • Got it from another friend's LJ. Said other friend's stated opinion on the matter was summarised in this MSN snippet:

        Someone else: I don't think he'd like us at all
        My friend: Nope, and to be honest, I'm proud of that!
    • Nobody wants to listen to a scared little boy with glasses, but everyone likes dragons.

      Like Saint George. He just loved dragons. Oops?
    • Satan has always hated Project Gutenberg.
  • This site rocks!

    I'm bookmarking it. Wow. My favorite is how he hates vampire hunters because they keep killing vampires or make vampires distrustful so he can't spread the gospel to them!
  • I'm stunned. I can't believe this is for real; I keep thinking, "This just has to be some kind of elaborate troll." But I can't believe someone would go to that much effort for a troll, either...

    Dear Goddess. The bits that look like humorous self-parody... they're not, are they? At least, not intentionally.

  • Clearly, he just needs one of these, and he'll be all set. Someone should take up a collection and send him one. You know, after getting his address from the WHOIS database. . .

    • clearly I don't qualify as a real furry....

      I can almost see a Dragon leaning against a rock, the sun glistening off his scaly body, and winking as he shows you the "gift" he wants to share with you.

      And Molatar would get his choice of "firmness"... and his choice of color ("metallic purple"?)...!

      El, I love you. And I am not going to ask why Metafilter has such nightmarish stuff, or why our relationship is based upon skeeving each other other with such things as "Thor."

      (And how does Zetacreations stay in business?!)
  • Stupidest website of the YEAR

    He's a Christian Dragon? Yeah right. Bad, bad job of infiltrating a counterculture. So obvious, so phony, so FAKE.

    His drug page made me want to shoot a deer rifle through my monitor. That first paragraph that made pot out to be like heroin, "people steal for money to buy it just to feel normal". And the "This will be my forum page but here's my obsessive compulsive RULES LIST".

    I am wondering, is this the same schmutz who has a page about vampirism and goth and as you read it it turns out to be a site about how "cool" Christianity is? Get it...you drink blood! Well, Jesus' blood, communion wine. Ooookay.

    Frankly I NEVER EVER could GROK the whole notion that Jesus bought us some ticket to salvation by being crucified. I have analysed this concept all my life and it not only is nonsensical and illogical, it doesn't even fit in to any of my "irreality matrixes".

    I wonder if I'd be allowed to promote my religion on his (nonexistent) forum? It's not any of the ones he said he'd give WARNING ONE or WARNING TWO about...Criminy.
  • *BZZZZT!*

    That was the sound of rmy synapses going What The Fuck precaffeination. Jumpin' Jews for Jesus, man; warn me next time!
  • I am hoping his therapist has seen the site. This is someone in serious need of an adjustment of meds.
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