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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Spammy questions about your journal here: My journal is called _____…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

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mucha mosaic
Spammy questions about your journal here:
My journal is called _____ because _____.
My subtitle is _____ because _____.
My friends page is called _____ because _____.
My username is ____ because _____.
My default userpic is _____ because_____.

Both of my answers are behind the cut:

My journal is called 'What with pythons and then deadly flies' because I was listening to a particular song last time I updated it. Same for the subtitle. Same for the friends page, and the username page.

However, the default userpic is a tree python because to me that image has always meant 'snake' since I was like 8 years old- and colubra is Latin for a female snake. No, the default userpic has nothing to do with Brian Eno.
  • my journal is called drawing constellations in the markets of wisdom because it is one of my favorite lines of poetry from michael ondaatje's collection handwriting; i do not have a subtitle.

    my username is le_cloitre because when i began this journal i was existing within a cloister (le cloitre is french for cloister) academically, socially, emotionally. i was a medievalist, a monk.

    my default user pic is me with the nearly famous electric blue cross of a friend in ohio. i love crosses (see, above).

    this meme has proven that i need to title my friends' page, i suppose.

    thanks for this meme, it was a rare, good one!
    • It was indeed a good enough one that I felt it needed passing on- but my answers? suck. ;)
      • no, i have always wondered about the selection of my friends' titles, names, etc. it's fascinating. besides, i have wanted to know for some time why you had chosen colubra. your answer was just as i expected - charming.
        • Actually, I chose it because it was the first word under 8 characters I could think of that wasn't already taken.
  • i lied. i completely forgot that this journal is named t.rex! no, it's not because of marc bolan - who is okay in my book. it's moreso that i feel like i appear to be a lot more confident & dangerous than i am (the dinosaur teeth vs. the short, nubby arms.)

    there you have it. the secrets to my existence.
  • Spammy questions about your journal here:
    My journal is called The Saturation Point because I'm not really themed. I just write down whatever I'm feeling, and all of it. I literally saturate your friends page.
    My subtitle is God rasied evergreen pontiacs for slaughter because it's still one of the fucking best sentences I've heard in a corpse.
    My friends page is called compadres en el pias de diablo because it stands for friends in the country of hell.
    My username is blindlyinnocent because I used to be optimistic and innocent. Now I'm optimistic and jaded..
    My default userpic is a sad woman because the last time I updated it I was depressed. I usually only post when I'm feeling emo anyway.
  • My journal is called Unassumingly Sexy because random_vamp's first compliment to me was that I was "unassumingly sexy, and didn't have to 'front' to be attractive".

    My subtitle is S.Y.I.H. because my favorite etiquette mavens are fond of the phrase "See You In Hell" to mean having the revenge on one's enemies of living well, and I like it as a motto.

    My friends page is called admiring because for the most part I do admire my friends.

    My username is aberrantvirtue because I consider some of the virtues I hold to be most important to be "aberrant" or divergent from the norm. (Also, the MSN gaming zone random name generator gave it to me.)

    My default userpic is the green nymph picture because I have this thing for fairies, and I like her airbrush art, or tattoo or whatever it is.
  • My journal is called The Keep of Clouds because thats the name of the book that I wrote. That no one seems to want to publish.
    My subtitle is ramblings because I ramble in my journal. A lot.
    My friends page is called 'Friends of the Family' because it seemed to go well with the theme.
    My username is _geekie_ because geekchick and thegeek were taken.
    My default userpic is Conor and Murphy from the Boondock Saints, with my username on, because I feel that your default pic should be a) appropriate in most situations and b) say the most about you of all. I like Boondock Saints. I have the occasional ciggie. I like handsome Irish men and violent films.

    Fun m3m3.
  • My journal is called wasabi bitchslap because the phrase amuses me. (It's that moment when your nose starts running, your eyes tear up, and focusing on anything but the wasabi is next to impossible.)

    My subtitle is Carb-O-Licious! because the current low-carb/no-carb dieting fad annoys me.

    My friends page is called we're all mad here because we are. (Also, the link to it from my front page is called minions because I've always wanted to have minions.)

    My username is borggrrl because I'm a Star Trek fan and, when I started this journal just over three years ago, I had a lot of metal bits (piercings) in me.

    My default userpic is (see userpic for this comment) because I like my default user picture to be as emotion neutral as possible. (It's called contemplating sushi because that's what I was doing when it was taken.)
  • My journal is called the Randomiad because I am a dork. With a classics minor.
    My subtitle is an epic tale because remember, dork, classics.
    My friends page is called the Randomiad because I couldn't be bothered to give it a separate name.
    My username is randomgang because it's not taken. And because randomgang.com is my domain. And that's because it wasn't taken. And because someone eons ago declared a bunch of mudders who didn't like that person to be the Random Gang, which still makes me laugh. Don Random.
    My default userpic is taken from the Department of Homeland Security's idiotic ready.gov page because it amuses me.

  • also because you asked

    Journal is called: you wasted life; why wouldn't you waste the afterlife? because I'm a lame, shameless mediawhore who consumes whatever the radio and TV gives me. I like Modest Mouse and their awkward rockness and their snappy oneliners. Because I really am horribly apathetic and I would indeed waste the afterlife.
    Subtitle is "we few.. we happy few.." -- "we band of buggered..." because I'm a lame, shameless mediawhore who consumes whatever the TV gives me, and I accidentally started watching Buffy. And that quote, from Giles and Spike, two of my favorite characters, is one of the greatest. And is also applicable to my life. And also is short enough to fit into the subtitle thing.
    Friends page is and now I'm jealous -- jealous of my own because etc. etc. mediawhore. This is a Libertines song. It seemed fitting.
    My default userpic is one of the members of Franz Ferdinand, who are danceable, strange, and turned out a bit gay too. Also I like orange ties.
    • Re: also because you asked

      I'd recognized all but the Modest Mouse.
      Oddly, the bassist of Modest Mouse, the lead guitarist, and a friend of theirs who lives locally had dinner with us at Benihana before playing at the 1-block-away Fillmore, one evening.
      It is a small, small world.
      • Re: also because you asked

        YOU. You and your small world of meeting people! People!!
        • Re: also because you asked

          It was a complete coincidence. They and we happened, together, to be 8 people- and at Benihana, they seat people only in groups of 8.
          Go fig.
    • Re: also because you asked

      Er, and if I were smarter, I would have mentioned in the above comment that cadeyrn, according to I forget where now, means "battle king." And is the name of some old and relatively unimportant guy. I chose it because that was the name of my most popular character on a certain game. Popular enough that people were actually lifting his description wholesale and fleeing in panic when quizzically confronted. Yes, I have an ego problem.
  • My journal is called "We're all mad here" because I like Alice in Wonderland and often feel a bit frayed around the edges.

    My subtitle is "Toxic Waste - Do Not Eat" because I saw it somewhere and thought it was funny. I guess I was feeling a bit random the day I changed it to that.

    My friends page is called "Comrades Speak Out" because I was going for a communist theme. Or something.

    My username is gator74 because I needed a username, fast, and that had been an IM handle of mine for years. My old roommate used to always call me Gator (Ali-Gator) and the nickname sort of stuck, in some circles.

    My default userpic is Angela from My So Called Life because it's angsty (like my LJ) and I love the show, her hair, and Claire Danes in general.
  • My journal is called Bellatrix D'Arte because thats my... handle, if you will. An explanation of the name is found in the second entry of my journal. It literally means "Warrioress of Art" in Italian-- not to be confused with any language that may or may not be used in ordering coffee from behemoth American chains that serve Joe.
    My subtitle is The Atomic Rose because an old friend called me that and I found it amusing. I put it there because I still to this day find myself suprised at some of the things I write about here. Its part of an Ed Ka-Spel symbol and it also is a slang term for a mushroom cloud.
    My friends page is called neat, I can see you from here because, and I'm sorry for the no-brainer, I can.
    My username is Alycen because its my name. :/
    My default userpic is a depiction of Artemis, gaffled from a photo of an ancient wine jug because I've just left it that way since a certain August evening. What you cannot see in the photo is that Apollo is standing to her left, and Hermes is standing to her right, the latter, brandishing Cadeuceus in a very... um... imprudent fashion. :D
  • Belated answers:

    journal title "Wirds Werds Wurds": I just made it up, and I like pointing out that it's just noise after all.

    journal subtitle: n/a

    friends page "LJ von der Wee Pals": reference to the DinoMUSH list of wacky names that I introduced to the gang after receiving it from a friend who works at a Microbiology journal and collects wacky names (many of these names ended up in Poonlarpisms, e.g. Gabriella O. de Vivo). One of the names in the list was L.J.A. von der Wee-Pals, "Pals" and "von der Wee" being semi-believable Dutch surnames. Removing the "A" and the hyphen seemed to make a nice name for the LJ entries of all my imaginary computer friends.

    username is "Ahkond" because that's been my online nickname for about fourteen years. I chose it because the Ahkond of Swat is the subject of a poem by Edward Lear but the reader learns almost nothing about him by the end of the poem; it seemed like a good way to choose a net handle. The fact that the Ahkond is a mysterious potentate of a faraway place added zing. Subsequently learning that Swat is a real place in a very troubled part of the world made me somewhat ambivalent about it.

    default userpic is Prof. Garbanzo from Tales of the Beanworld because she stands for rationality and inquisitiveness and is a sort of archetypal toolmaker, and I see my programming work as making tools (systems) for other people to use.

    My "name" field (displayed under the icon in comments etc.), which you didn't ask about, is "the Data Stylist", which is a reference to a cartoon by the great Roz Chast. The caption is "Your honest opinion:", followed by four panels. 1) a woman in front of a microphone in a recording studio, captioned "singer or song stylist?" 2) a man at a desk, captioned "writer or prose stylist?" 3) a chef in a kitchen, captioned "chef or food stylist?" and 4) a woman in a lab coat standing in front of a giant univac-style mainframe computer, captioned "computer programmer or data stylist?"
    • Heh, and you posted this very shortly after I got bored with the Eno song and went back to an all-time favorite set of lyrics.
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