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I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
So I'm commuting via train, as the option of driving doesn't exist.

Commuting via train means I'm getting up about 1.5 hours earlier than I normally would, in order to get out the door about 1.5 hours before I normally would, to get to work at the same time.

That sucks, BUT
it would honestly be okay, IF
there was any chance in fucking hell of actually getting out the door 1.5 hours earlier than I normally get out the door. HOWEVER,
since I'm the person who's currently on call, there hasn't been any chance of that, BECAUSE
there typically is something that requires an immediate response @ 7:30.
So now I
A) get to work .5 hours late every morning, due to the 15-20 minutes it takes to respond to these issues,
B) spend $24.50 as opposed to $5.75 TO GET THERE (as the tardy departure from my home means I wind up taking a cab to the train, to try to make up lost time- followed by a cab from the train, as there is no bus service and no shuttle service when I DO get off the train), and
C) am without patience whatsoever for any of the imbecility of my coworkers, which leads me to such things as
D) thinking it's time I buy a car, except
E) there's nowhere to park it, despite
F) the existance of a parking space that I am paying for half of, which is occupied by a car I do not drive.
  • Time to move up that scooter purchase!
  • might one suggest that you either a) not pay for half the parking space, or b) that, in the event that you do get a car, you get to park in the garage- that you are paying half for- 50% of the time?
    • Said issues are indeed being addressed- and your suggestions were about what I had been considering.
  • I kind of know how you feel. If Sherilyn didn't drive me to work every morning, I'd have to get up an hour earlier (5 a.m.) in order to make it to work at the same time I do now (7 a.m.) If she was like me and NOT a morning person, I'd be very unhappy every morning. Hell, once she finds a new job I'll probably have to start relying on MUNI to get me to/from work. UG.
    • Pretty much the same, yep. Now imagine if you had to get up 1.5 hours earlier and spend at least $10- instead of $2.50. I am most emphatically not a morning person at all.

      I am sort of trying to look on the bright side- I've written a thousand-odd words of fiction, for instance. Of course, I've also chewed through $150 in books in about half the time I normally would...
    • When I did the train-commuting bit (NJ shore to NYC via NJTransit and Path), I loved the part where I got to relax, read, do crosswords & needlework, etc. etc. during my enforced 3 hours of downtime on the train each day. That was before really portable laptops, though, so actual Work was limited to reviewing code printouts and marking up memo drafts.
      • Well, tomorrow I get to commute to work with enzeru, who went to a concert with me this evening.
        I am so gonna be completely exhausted omfg.
    • I am most emphatically not a morning person at all.

      When finding out what time I have to be to work every morning, lyricagent once commented that she isn't even awake at 7 a.m. I replied, "Neither am I."

      As for the books, is getting them from the library convenient for you? Sherilyn and I are doing that more and more often for financial and spatial reasons.
  • You have my deep understanding of the horribleness of the commute, at least. If there was something I could think of to improve it for you, I'd throw lots of it at you.
  • Just say NO

    Don't pay half the garage. Unless they want to pay 1/2 your cost of getting to work when you are not driven. It's only fair. People who are lucky enough to have a car should not be an asshole about it.
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