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Patrick Stewart & Glenn Close are not Mr. BurtonO'Toole…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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scared of you.
Patrick Stewart & Glenn Close are not Mr. BurtonO'Toole (alphabetical thanks for the corrections, alchemi & psybelle) & Ms. Hepburn.
However, what Close brings to Eleanor of Aquitaine is bogglingly good.
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is in the show, I'm pretty sure, just so we can have a man who looks good naked and wet in it. His King Philip is not abyssmal, though.

Yeah, I'm finding the remake of 'Lion in Winter' quite enjoyable.
  • That's nice to hear. I've been avoiding the remake, simply because I enjoy the original as much as I do.

    But, Burton? Peter O'Toole was King Henry (again. Anybody want to see Becket some night?)
    • My mistake, and I don't know why I keep making it. A little frustrating. No, a lot.
  • I do so love the original. I've been afraid to see the remake. Shall have to go do that, now.
    • The scenes with Philip & Richard are far more... well, let's just say that pause is useful.

    • Man, you're talking to someone who has seriously considered renting Troy -- motherfucking TROY, okay? -- in order to try to see all of the thirty seconds of Sean Bean.

    • I too had been avoiding this because I love the original so much.

      I think you may have sold me on it, if I ever get the money together to see it.
      • See all comments. I'd honestly say the original is better, but not by terribly much.
  • The original is my favorite all time movie. I've been curious about the remake but not enough to actually figure out when it will be on or rent it.
    • Jon Rhys-Meyers does a bang-up job job with Philip- I am, however, fairly biased, as IMHO Rhys-Meyers is about the sexiest thing on two legs, and would have to work very hard to do wrong in my eyes. The sons are, overall, pretty lackluster save for Geoffrey- and while Stewart's not abominable, he's nowhere near as good as Burton.
      It falls short overall, but about all the new production needed to match the prior was Burton, in my view.
      • *nods*

        Btw, the commentor above is right - it was O'Toole not Burton in the original.
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