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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Dresden Dolls, anyone?

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Dresden Dolls, anyone?

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mucha mosaic
They'll be at the Great American Music Hall in SF on the 17th. This is a Thursday.

I cannot offer rides to or fro, though if you are someone I know, I can offer a couch to spend the night on.

I'm buying me a ticket by Sunday: if you need one, let me know as well.
  • we Will Be There.
  • The 17th's a Wednesday, actually. I've bought my ticket and taken the following day off work. The couch would be appreciated, since the concert might run later than BART again.
    • and you're most welcome to the couch. As I'll be going to work the next day, it'll even be easy to get up in time to get home (because god, who wants to sleep through me getting my shit together for work the next day?).
      • Actually, I can sleep rather deeply at times, so if my Palm Pilot alarm fails to rouse me, feel free to put a computer speaker by my head and play the screaming banshee e-card.
    • Christ, ruin ALL the surprises why don't you.
    • SO... that's where it went
      • next time you come by, remind me to show you the jars. One of them might smell familiar.
    • Oh joy. I've been consumed by sashafinn's couch before (all the while dreaming I was being embraced by Hugh Jackman--that's how it keeps you from struggling!).
  • Squee.

    I am jealous. Have fun.
  • Oh so very cool. Saw them in Chi. Fantabulous show. Have passed along show info to my buddy who just moved to SF (yavin7).

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