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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

People boggle me.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

People boggle me.

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mucha mosaic
Fact: just because it was on CSI last week doesn't make it actually relevant to law enforcement or criminal procedure.
Fact: just because the entire cast of Beverly Hills 90210 was skinny does not mean everybody in California is skinny.
Fact: just because you saw on television a somewhat older gentleman informing you that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction does not mean that Iraq actually has weapons of mass destruction.

I am hating television, because it has trained all of us to look at anything in the box and think it MUST be true. It's a sad sort of laziness on the part of the average human being on the street- and in fairness, one I succumb to occasionally as well.
  • Word.
  • Well of course it's not true just because it's on TV. It has to be on the internet to be true.
  • It's not that different than, "I read it, it must be true!"

    Which is a pathology that has been around for a very long time.
  • Not only do I believe all police procedural assertions on CSI, I also believe that all software shown on CSI actually exists!

  • There are many reasons why I am happy to not have a television here in Fresno. One is the reason mentioned above. Another is that my grades would not nearly be so good.

    I get most of my political information by weighing the websites and stuff that my dad and Terry send me (one is slightly left-wing, the other a total anarchist-guess which) and the Fresno Bee (the local and very conservative newspaper) with the BBC. I figure all of our major news stations are owned by Republicans, so I trust a foreign news source better than our own.

  • Fact: Just because you read it on LJ does not make it true.

    So, with this in mind, everyone in CA *IS* Skinny.
  • I shall now take a moment to bask in my tiny little amount of no-telly-owning superiority, and my intellectual superiority in knowing that I should not blindly believe any sort of media, print, net, telly or what have you.

    ...ahhh. thank you. I needed that, today.
  • free your mind/kill your TV
  • If you're trying to tell me that Aqua Teen Hunger Force is not live television, you're crazy.
  • *cuddles, soothes* Did you run into the stupid people today or something?

    (Or two days ago, as it were.)
    • I see stupid people...
      they're everywhere.
      They don't even know they're stupid.

      The people I work with are, generally, of average-to-decent intelligence. Which makes their moments of duh REALLY stand out.

  • CSI hurts my brain. It does so much damage to our public image, as Police Officers. People want our Crime Scene Unit to come to every crime scene, no matter how small (we have a standing policy, for instance, the Crime Scene never responds to an Entering Auto call). They want to see them dust for prints, even on surfaces where it would be impossible. They think we should be out there with rulers and calipers and crime scene tape and any number of gadgets and gizmos working round the clock to solve every petty burglary (of which there are about fifteen in the county, every day).
  • Right on my snakey friend! Although there are a disproportinately large amount of skinny gals here in California, God Damnit!
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