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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Oh by the way

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Oh by the way

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mucha mosaic
Duh, it's the day American people go and vote.
Are you an American person?
Did you vote yet?

There's still time.
  • Yes, yes I did. Went and wasted my vote last week. (I'm a Kerry voter in Texas, not a Nader voter, you can put the knives away.)
    • and I voted for Kerry in CA, which almost feels like throwing your vote away, honestly. I could've voted for Elvis Presley and the Democrat would still have won.
  • I voted for Prop Two (to keep a legal defination of marriage off the Michigan state constitution) and Kerry.

    Do I get a cookie?
    • Yes, you may get yourself a cookie.

      I honestly don't care what it is that you voted for or whom: I care that you did vote. ;)
      • Mmm. Cookie.

        This was my first election. I have been a stranger in a strange land in the proceeding two in which I have been legal.

        I feel strangely...powerful.
  • The thing is, if I told you I'm voting for the guy who's pro-war, anti-gay marriage and signed the Patriot Act into law, you wouldn't know which one I was talking about. And that's kind of sad.
    • Yes I would. Kerry's not anti-gay marriage, he's only not pro-gay marriage.

      But it doesn't matter, in my view, WHICH of them you're voting for. Just that you are. ;)
      • Kerry's not anti-gay marriage, he's only not pro-gay marriage.

        You are so adorable!
        • I watched the debates. His statement certainly seemed to be 'I personally am agin it. And I, as president, would be beholden to uphold the laws of the nation, which suggest discrimination isn't exactly what's to be held in mind'.
          That's certainly not as anti-gay marriage as 'I'm gonna get a fucking constitutional amendment you perverts'.
  • Are you an American person?
    Did you vote yet?

    Yes & yes.
  • Yep. I voted. Against a whole bunch of incompetent judges, and FOR John Kerry.

  • I stood in line for two and a half hours to vote. With my bad knees and ankles? I can barely stand now.

    You should worship me, damnit.
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