I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

Ironic realization

I hate being proven semi-right.

So yeah there WERE WMDs in Iraq.
Yeah, they DID get into the hands of terrorists.
Pity that they got there as equipment for- and were practically disbursed by- US troops.

via salon.com I come across information regarding an ad for the Elect Bush For Real This Time campaign which included a photo of US soldiers standing there to appreciatively listen to the Gibbon in Chief...
...who were so badly photoshopped in that you can spot the same faces over and over again.

To quote from the article:

Presto! From the new Bush-Cheney '04 campaign ad "Whatever It Takes." Indeed, that devoted mantra apparently includes trafficking in doctored photos of, well, one U.S. soldier(s) who back the president big time.

On CNN today, BC'04 copped to the Photoshopping of the troops in its new ad and blamed the blunder -- of course -- on some clueless underling. (According to CNN, the Bush camp says it was the handiwork of a renegade editor at the firm to which the job was outsourced. But didn't they already fire that guy for going off on his own to tack up the "Mission Accomplished" banner?)

There is an attached photo at the URL linked above (it's Salon, you'd have to do the day pass thing) of the same chunk of soldiery pasted into the image over and over and over again.


What a bunch of lying bastards. Oh, wait, it's Georgie-Porgie, nevermind.

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