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Quick thought

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Quick thought

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Since I slept through the alarm this morning, am at work very late. Will probably stick around as late as I can stick around, too, in an effort to make it balance out.
Am reading a book today that I had heard I ought to read but never gotten around to- Edward Whittemore's Quin's Shanghai Circus.

This book?
Amazingly weird.

Christopher Moore + Tim Powers + Tom Robbins + John Kennedy Toole.

I'm really looking forward to reading the Jerusalem Quartet books- of which I mistakenly only picked up 1, 2, and 4 while at the bookstore.
Best get to buyin' that soon.

feyandstrange: I especially think you'd like these.
  • I've been wondering where you were.

    • ?
      • Been wondering on your reactions re the anniesj and eminem video political drama splashing all over the LJ-land today.
        • well, I work. ;)

          The eminem video rocks. I've actually acquired a bit of respect for him.

          The anniesj fiasco? All she needed was to have one of her pissed off commentors know an FBI agent and wham- there it is. Secret Security being concerned on behalf of the security of the president, and enlisting local FBI to go talk to the nice person who they're being concerned by- especially at present, when we have a president who's got the lowest approval rating overall since Herbert Hoover- well, that's hardly surprising. That's their job.

          I am especially troubled that anniesj has deleted the post and comments, though: I would like to know what the hell set off the 'WARNING ASSASSIN WARNING' radar so extravagantly and- more importantly- so quick.
          • I know. I just happened to have today off.

            But I hadn't seen you all day today and I also know you can be counted on to make intelligent and eloquent remarks when stuff like this happens, so I was just looking forward to hearing what you had to say ...

            ...and I was, of course, not disappointed.

            • If you were curious about the original post, check most recent post on le_cloitre's LJ: one of her friends had a link both to the text and to a screengrab.
  • I'll keep an eye out for them. Thanks. Glad you have train reading.
  • On the Topic of Christopher Moore...

    ..I shall have a review of The Stupidest Angel in a day or two.

    Though the early take is its the literary equivalent of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
    • Re: On the Topic of Christopher Moore...

      I'm 50 pages into it.

      the concept of Jay & Silent Bob + Chris Moore makes me realize that if Bloodsucking Freaks makes it to the screen, clearly, Kevin Smith needs to direct it.
      • Re: On the Topic of Christopher Moore...

        About 150 pages in, and just found a Fluke ref...though only a reference..not a tie in like Lamb and Island...

        ENJOYING it mind you, but wincing.
  • Yeah, I adored QSC. I wasn't quite as thrilled by the first of the Jerusalem Quartet, though I still enjoyed it enough that I'll get around the reading to the rest of them sometime.

    This anticlimactic reaction may just have been due to absurdly high expectations. His books were out of print for a long time, and I found those two after seven years of searching, so a certain degree of disappointment was probably inevitable.
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