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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

The Clue Fairy brings you:

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

The Clue Fairy brings you:

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mucha mosaic
An especially favorite proverb, while waiting for a piece of shit machine to re-re-reboot:

When one person calls you an ass, laugh;
when two people call you an ass, think about why;
when three people call you an ass, ears and a tail are a good investment.
  • Can I _just_ say how much I love your icon? Hee. Love. Love on wheels. Where you by any chance at his show last year? Angie and I saw him on, oddly, September 11th.
    • I call that one 'The Clue Fairy': I love the idea of Eddie Izzard being charged with carrying a magic wand and whacking people with it when they are being clueless.

      And yeah, I saw the opening night in San Francisco- along with lyricagent, goweli, wurmfood, lemasquegris...
      Recently went and saw him doing standup in a 700-head venue in SF; he was trying out some fresh material for next show. Next show promises to be DAMN good, if these are the rough unpolished jokes.
  • In light of recent events, I'm not going to touch that proverb with a ten-foot pole.

    I will, however, note that I thought of you when I saw that the Dresden Dolls were playing in Raleigh last week. Unfortunately, Tiny and I were far, far too broke to be able to justify going.
    • Dunno what recent events you're talking about: me, I'm dealing with a coworker who can't understand the statement 'I need you to use articles in sentences'.
      A coworker who needs to have badgers explained to him and wants to know if they're related to cats 'like wolverines are'.
      A coworker who is, in short, dumber than a dried cannister of library paste.
    • now I have the disturbing mental image of that bloke in ears and a tail and looking perplexed.

      And it is nearly Halloween...
    • Dayim.
      • Yah.

        Boy's just DUMB.

        And the Dresden Dolls are coming back to a venue about 3 times the size, here, next month.
        I am happy with the happy filledwithhappiness happy.
        • Oh, so sadness.

          I really am sad I missed them. I haven't had much exposure, given the incredible 'lack of fundage to buy music,' but listening to you talk about them, I got all 'oooh, should go see them, if we can, 'cause, you know, Freaky says good, and I trust his taste in music!'

          Which may mean that I'm on drugs, or something, I dunno.

          Anyway, me missing them bad. You seeing them good. Fire bad. Tree pretty.

          Spider go work now. Take coffee with.
  • Well, see Democrats get called asses by crowds of Republicans on a regular basis, so the proverb needs a slight tweakage for politics.

  • I heard it slightly differently:

    If one person calls you an ass they're projecting
    if two people call you an ass consider it
    if three people call you an ass buy a bit and bridle.
  • What if the people doing the name-calling are the asses? I can think of a few examples of why this proverb doesn't bear out 100% of the time...
    • That falls in the 'think about it' category, for me: if you can say 'okay, a couple people think I'm being an ass, and they're thinking that because I think they're being asses', it's probably safe to write it off.
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