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So, opinion call. Wearing kilt out, this afternoon (in about 2…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

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mucha mosaic
So, opinion call.

Wearing kilt out, this afternoon (in about 2 hours).

It's currently 62 degrees, chance of rain; I will be out for at least 2 more hours.

Do I violate all that is sacrosanct about kilt wearing and put underwear on under it?
  • 62 degrees is kind of chilly.

    If you think Colubra minor can take it, go for it.
  • No. That's a Victorian tee-hee thing, anyway. The idea of riding a horse in a skirt with no underwear would, I'm thinking, not occur to the weirdest barbarian (just to the perviest of civilized people.)

    • Methinks he has a point.

      Alternatively, if you have a bag or something, pack some underwear down in the bottom and sneak into a bathroom to put it on if it gets cold?
  • Yes. Unless, of course, the idea of freezing your bits off is appealing to you.
  • Wear underwear but be mildly prepared to display them. Wearing underwear for the sake of warmth is not so bad, but wearing ugly underwear might be.
  • Ah, yes. The traditions of the kilt. One can only wonder if they were created by the same folks who came up with the "ancient" system of Clan tartans... 200 years ago.
    • Like in Braveheart? Yeah...
    • There is no recourse to historical authenticity anywhere within about 300 miles of Braveheart.

      The best example I have for this is:
      if you found yourself wondering why King Edward was so goddamned stupid and self-contradictory, that's because he was actually himself, his son, and his grandson, all slapdash shoved together into a truly clumsy amalgamation.
    • If only I understood the point you were trying to make here...
      • Braveheart clearly shows us that clan tartans existed in the 13th century.
        • research.

          True! It also shows us that Edward I was the fellow whom William Wallace was rebelling against when, in fact, Edward I was two years younger than William Wallace, having been born in 1272.
          Edward II was not even born when William Wallace was executed. In London. The prince Edward we're exposed to in this fictive work is a very clumsy cobbling of Edward II and the Black Prince. The Black Prince was born 25 years after William Wallace died.
          I only outline this because I want to undescore that I REALLY hope you're joking about citing Braveheart as an evidential bit of historicity.

          Oh, and the first site I got on a google search of 'clan tartans' suggests that the plaid woolen that we're used to thinking of as Traditionally Scottish didn't come into broad use until the 17th Century- i.e.: after James I's ascession to the throne of England.
          So make of that what you will. Given that these are people who make kilts for a living, I'm inclined to trust their knowledge over Braveheart.
          • Re: research.

            Of course I'm joking. I'm joking/being sarcastic about 95% of the time.

            Thanks for posting the facts, though. I love history and hate Hollywood - a really frustrating combination.
            • Re: research.

              Yeah, what drives me nuts about Hollywood running so roughshod over costuming history is that shit, it's under $20 to buy a Dover book on how people dressed in the period under question, and yet that $20 investment was too much to ask???
  • S'poze it depends a little on where you're going, how likely it is that you'll be checked for "authenticity", and how bothered you might be about the disappointment of the checker if you've opted for warmth.

    I'd say bring some undergarments along "just in case."
  • Others have already pointed out the dubious status of the "nothing under the kilt" tradition. I'll point out that you're not (I'm pretty sure) wearing a true, traditional kilt. (How many minutes did you spend folding it?) So.
  • Bah. Don't listen to them all. Traditions, schmaditions — we just want to believe that men really aren't wearing anything under their kilts. Indulge us. Indulge yourself. Go kilt commando.
    • I'm not sure I'd consider freezing one's tackle off to be an indulgence, myself.
  • As a general rule, I only wear skirts. I wore two layers when I was out and about yesterday, and I definitely wore panties.
  • So, did you go with the boys covered or El Fresco?

    (I've worn my kilt regimental in Tahoe in a 2 degree F blizzard and I was fine. Chilly, but fine.
    • step 1: kilted.
      Step 2: hit back porch.
      Step 3: nearly sprint back inside.
      Step 4: slide on underwear, go to back porch.
      Step 5: go back inside far faster than I'd like to have had to.
      Step 6: put on jeans
      Step 7: go out.
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